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Escalent Names 31 Utilities Environment Champions

Escalent Names 31 Utilities Environment Champions

Escalent Names 31 Utilities as Environmental Champions,

LIVONIA, Mich. (GLOBE NEWSWIRE), April 22, 20,22 — Utilities have reason to celebrate Earth Day. The industry’s Environmental Dedication score (on a 1,000 point maximum scale) remains at a multiyear high 686. Escalents Environmental Dedication score, which is a collection of customer ratings on utility actions to promote strong environmental stewardship, has been in place since 2014. Customers rate utilities highly on their ability to provide tools and programs that help them reduce their energy consumption, and on their commitment to clean energy. This information comes from Cogent Syndicateds 2022 Utilities Trusted Brand & Customers Engagement: Residential management advisory study by Escalent. Escalent is a top advisory firm for human behavior analysis and human behavior.

The study found that 70% of utility customers believe climate change is occurring and 64% believe their utility should spend more money on clean energy technology. Customers also cite clean air as the second-most important cause that utilities should support. Yet, only 31 percent of customers are aware that their utility is working to improve the environment. This means utilities have a great opportunity to make their environmental efforts known to increase customer satisfaction and brand perception.

Premier utilities have successfully marketed their environmental efforts to support consumer demand and meet the demand for environmentally friendly products, such as EVs (13%), home or community solar (54%), and renewable natural gas (33%).

Customers are more likely to trust their utility when they know about their utility’s dedication to the environment. K.C. said that customers trust and reputation for utilities increases significantly when they are aware of the utility’s environmental stewardship efforts. This includes investing in clean energy options, and highlighting ways utilities can reduce the environmental impact of their service. Boyce, vice-president at Escalent. Utility companies that want to build strong customer relationships must demonstrate environmental dedication.

Escalent congratulates Cogent Syndicated on this Earth Day 2022 Environmental Champion utilities. These 31 utilities stand out from the 140 utilities that were surveyed and received high marks for their environmental stewardship.

2022 Environmental Champions
Utility Environmental
Utility Environmental
AEP Ohio 703 MidAmerican Energy 721
Atmos Energy Midwest 691 Nicor Gas 689
BGE 731 NW Natural 736
Black Hills Energy Midwest 738 OPPD 687
Cascade Natural Gas 724 OUC 744
CenterPoint Energy Midwest 700 Peoples Gas 697
Columbia Gas South 735 Pepco 707
Columbia Gas of Ohio 704 Philadelphia Gas Works 748
ComEd 694 Piedmont Natural Gas 730
Con Edison 713 Portland General Electric 736
Energy for Consumers 731 PPL Electric Utilities 706
Florida City Gas Company 743 SMUD 742
Florida Power & Light 725 TECO Peoples Gas 742
Green Mountain Power 722 Wisconsin Public Service 719
Idaho Power 739 Xcel Energy Colorado 733
Kentucky Utilities 726

About Utility Trusted Brand and Customer Engagement: Residential

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Escalent conducted surveys among 79.223 residential electric, natural and combination utility customers of 140 largest US utilities companies (based upon residential customer counts). The sample design employs a combination of weighting and quotas based on US census data. This ensures a balanced demographic sample of all customers of each utility. It is based on income, age, gender, race, and ethnicity. To balance the impact of each utility’s customers on the survey results, utilities in the same area and of the exact same type (e.g. electricity-only providers), are given equal weight. The Environmental Dedication Score is a composite score that is based on four attributes. Escalent will provide exact wording of survey questions upon request.

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