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EU Commission Calls for Education Systems to be Centered on Environmental Sustainability

EU Commission Calls for Education Systems to be Centered on Environmental Sustainability

The European Commission has published the council’s recommendation on teaching environmental sustainability across all Member States’ education institutions, the official press release by the body revealed. reports the proposal aims to support education institutions throughout the 27-nation-bloc, with skills, knowledge, and knowledge regarding sustainability and climate change.

MargaritisSchinas was the vice-President of the Promoting European Life Style. She stated that the younger generation had changed the way we see the environment and climate. The proposal by the EU Commission, published January 14, states that it is time for youngsters to be taught about the environment.

“Youth participation has been revolutionising the way we look at climate and the environment. We promote sustainability through our youth programmes, European Solidarity Corps, and DiscoverEU. This is a step further in work towards better integration of sustainability in education,”Commissioner Schinas made the following point.

The Joint Research Centre also explains the competencies necessary for the green transition in its new framework on sustainability.

So, the Commission’s proposal urges the Member States to work on the so-called green transition by following these practices:

  • Students of all ages will receive high-quality, inclusive education on climate change and sustainability.
  • Prioritizing environmental sustainability education in education
  • Encourage the institution to adopt a sustainable approach regarding teaching and learning
  • Allocation of EU and national funds to invest in green infrastructure and increase preparations for education and training for the transition to a green economy

“Our goal is to build on these efforts and to work closely with the Member States to place sustainability at the heart of education and training systems. All learners, from an early age, need opportunities to understand and take action for environmental sustainability, to protect our planet and our future,”MariyaGabriel, the Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, stated her views on the proposal.

The EU must make a shift to greener choices. This is evident in the Eurobarometer survey. 67% of young people voted for protecting the environment and fighting climate change. 56% voted for education and training improvements.

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