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Experts believe that tribal leaders are the best environment protectors.

Experts believe that tribal leaders are the best environment protectors.

Bhubaneswar:The environment protection has become a major concern for mankind. To protect the environment, governments around the world have been drafting comprehensive plans and negotiating international agreements.

However, these efforts have not resulted in a reversal of the environmental quality’s decline. Experts from the Orissa Environment Society (OES), Sunday, shared their views.

Global warming, climate change and pollution are all becoming increasingly critical.

Experts say that the tribal people have been protecting nature and conserving biodiversity since the dawn of civilisation.

They suggested that we should learn from the lives of the indigenous people to find lasting solutions to environmental problems.

Sundara Narayan Patro of OES stated that the tribal people eat fruits and vegetables and practice organic farming and horticulture. Their houses are made from natural materials from the forests. They can cure illness by using the medicinal plants they have identified.

Patro observed that even though their lives and lifestyles are interconnected to the natural ecosystems, they adhere to the principle sustainability, avoid consumerism, do not put stress on the ecosystem’s functioning, and leave no carbon footprint or pollution.

Jagannath Dash (former chief of Anthropology at Utkal University), narrates his long interactions and experiences with tribal communities through a case study about Similipal Biosphere Reserve.

Tribes like the Ujias, Khadias, and Birhors consider Similipal their primordial home. They take the best care of their territory and function as conservationists. He explained that their religious beliefs are intertwined and they protect various plants, animals, and he agreed.

Jaya Krushna Panigrahi, OES secretary, stated that modernity has impacted our environment in a negative way. He said that we should follow the example of the tribes to preserve the environment.


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