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For a reason, a “bad rap”

For a reason, a “bad rap”

David S. Wood: GOP on the environment: A ‘bad rap’ for a reason

I was interested to read the Jan. 31 article about the local GOP hosting a Senate forum. The Longmont forum Saturday night will feature Republican candidates for the U.S. Senate race. However, I disagree with professor Gregory Moore of Colorado Christian University, when he states that “Republicans get a bad rap on the environment.”

I think the GOP track record regarding appointing Department of Interior Secretarys is nothing short of appalling. For example, James Watt under Reagan, Gale Norton Under George W. Bush, Ryan Zinke Under Trump. All were antiwilderness. Scott McGinnis (Republican) signed the Spanish Peaks Wilderness into law. This was many years ago. Recent GOP legislative positions have not been wilderness friendly.

At 87, I am a long-standing Sierra Club member and Wilderness Society member. I have backpacked more than 60 years in Colorado. I avoid areas where ATVs or motorized trailbikes can be legally used and plan to continue hiking in beautiful areas.

David S. Wood


Jeff Connor: Tent encampments – What about a fire camp!

Today was a great day to bike ride. Many residents expressed their disgust at the conditions and trash that people live in.

Although I am now retired, I was a wildland firefighter for many decades. This was one of many hats that I wore during my 35-year tenure with the National Park Service/Bureau of Land Management.

Many nights, I slept in tents at fire camps in various states. But unlike the terrible tent encampments that were set up around Boulder, we had access porta potties, food and even showers. These fire camps often featured hundreds of firefighters from all across the country.

So, my question is why Boulder doesn’t treat these tent encampments the same way as a fire camp. Set up a camp with tents and shade in a field near Boulder Homeless Shelter. The mess tent could be used to host meetings where homeless people can meet with counselors, AA members, medical access, or even a television, heaters, or worship services. Although the issue of drug and alcohol addiction could be a problem, it should not be used as a reason to ban them from the camp. This is why they choose to live in tents rather than at a shelter for people who are drunk or high.

This encampment could be used to make it illegal for anyone else to camp in the city. The city could also enforce the law by offering Boulder Homeless Shelter, city camp, and other shelters in the town as the only options.

It is a terrible thing to leave these people to squalor in the waste they produce. It is so sad to see how this city is in right now.

Jeff Connor


Roz Lynn Dorf: Penfield Tate 2: The best professor/mayor

When Penfield Tate II was Mayor of Boulder, I was a University of Colorado Boulder journalism student. I was a journalist and attended all City Council meetings. Mayor Tate was always polite, respectful, and listened to all citizens who came to discuss their concerns with the City Council. I had the great fortune to have him as my Denver paralegal school constitutional law professor. He was a friend to all of his students and was the best professor I have ever had. His wisdom, humor and intelligence engaged everyone.

Roz Lynn Dorf

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Rick Sutherland: Truth and justice: A reality we can’t afford to lose

We all are human. However, some people are less human than others. A minority of Americans have chosen to believe that vaccines are deadly, that systemic racism is acceptable, that global warming is a hoax and that maintaining the Earth is not necessary. They also believe that the only religion that is good for all races and creeds is the one that is true. Science has established a strong case that science can prove that reality is possible if we pay close attention. We the people have a Democracy that is based on an ideology that was written in our Constitution by highly intelligent women and men. This has worked.

Our best hope lies in an understanding that to be human, we must live in harmony with one another. Liberals are labeled as having bleeding hearts. Conservatives are associated with authoritarian goals. Most people would prefer a common goal that promotes humanitarianism to ostracism, ridicule, and censorship.

We must remember that America is about equality and creating a better union. Not accepting the greed of the grifters and power elite who use it to propagandize and marginalize other people in their human selfish conquests.

The Big Lie is not a reality America knows, and those who accept it will be punished in the courts. The majority of Americans do not want to sweep away crime. We the people are fighting for justice and dignity and at least one vote for each woman and man.

Rick Sutherland


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