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For net-zero carbon emissions by 2070, environment friendly projects be accelerated, says PM Modi – ThePrint

For net-zero carbon emissions by 2070, environment friendly projects be accelerated, says PM Modi – ThePrint

New Delhi [India]ANI, March 8, 2008: Prime Minister Narendra Modi stressed Tuesday that environment-friendly projects must be accelerated in order to reach the goal of net-zero carbon emission by 2070.

Addressing the inaugural plenary session of the post-budget webinar on ‘financing for growth and aspirational economy ‘, PM Modi said: “Green financing is the need of the hour today.”

“India has set a target of net-zero carbon emission by the year 2070. The country has already begun to work towards this goal. To speed up these works, it is necessary to accelerate environment-friendly projects,” he added.

Our Startups will only grow if we encourage entrepreneurship, put stress on innovation, and focus on new business areas. He also said that the financial sector must look at innovative financing options for initiatives and sustainable risk management.

Further talking about the Micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), PM Modi said, “India’s aspirations today are linked to the strength of our MSMEs. We have done many fundamental reforms and made new schemes to strengthen MSMEs.”

He said that these reforms will only succeed if they address the financing issues.

“India’s aspirations are related to organic and natural farming. If someone is coming forward to do new work in these areas, then it is necessary to think about how our financial institutions can help,” he stated.

He said that India is today a self-reliant country. He suggested that our dependence on other countries should be reduced and that it is essential to explore various financing options for the projects.

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“In the Budget, the government has taken several steps to continue the momentum of rapid growth. By encouraging foreign capital flows, reducing tax on infrastructure investment, creating institutions like NIIF, Gift City, new DFIs, we have tried to accelerate financial and economic growth,” he stated.

Extending his greetings on International Women’s Day, he said, “As we hold discussions regarding Budget today, it is a matter of pride that India has a woman finance minister who presented a progressive budget. (ANI)

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