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For violating environment laws, EPA imposes Rs3.7m penalties

For violating environment laws, EPA imposes Rs3.7m penalties

ISLAMABAD – The Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency has imposed administrative penalties of Rs3.7 Million on violators of the Pakistan Environmental Protection Act (1997) and rules, regulations made thereunder during 2021. This is despite the fact that they have a small staff and Covid-19 contagious diseases.

Pak-EPA, in its multifaceted efforts in ensuring compliance with environmental laws, including the ban on plastic bags or polythene, imposed fines exceeding Rs560,000 and confiscated 500kg of plastic bags being illegally sold in the market. She stated that 10 projects were granted environmental approvals by Pak-EPA in 2021 after completing the required codal formalities and holding public hearings.

These projects included malls, roads, housing societies, and others. Public hearings for 11 additional projects were scheduled to take place in January and February 2022, she said. As part of Pak-EPA’s environmental impact assessment and initial environmental examination (EIA/IEE) Regulations 2000, prior to commencement of any project in Islamabad Capital Territory, a detailed report must be submitted to Pak-EPA detailing the environmental impacts of the project and mitigation measures to be taken,  she informed.

In addition, the Pak EPA enforced environmental law by issuing 88 legal notices to the Agency and sealing 37 factories, brick kilns and plants through the issuance Environmental Protection Orders (EPO) in 2021.

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