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FPT Software is committed to creating a happy workplace environment that provides unlimited opportunities for employees

FPT Software is committed to creating a happy workplace environment that provides unlimited opportunities for employees

Ms. Chu Thi Thanh Ha- Chairwoman of FPT Software at America branch

HANOI Vietnam, Jan. 6, 2022/PRNewswire/ – FPT Software Chairwoman Chu Thi Thanh HaWe shared our journey to create the best workplace environment at FPT Software, placing employees at the heart of this journey.

Ms. Chu Thi Thanh Ha- Chairwoman of FPT Software at America branch

Ms. Chu Thi Thanh Ha, Chairwoman of FPT Software at America branch

Recent reports indicate that FPT Software continues to grow at double digits even with the effects of the COVID-19 epidemic. You must have faced many difficulties. Can you explain how your company managed to grow even during the pandemic?

FPT Software is committed to the safety of all our employees. We are always willing to make changes to provide the best possible work experience for our employees, to maintain business continuity and ensure uninterrupted operation. We have improvised to create new infrastructure and devices, and provide new ways of working.

We take every step to make the transition from WFO to WFH as quickly as possible in areas affected by the pandemic. We also limit the transition period to a few weeks, provide security, and protect confidential information for our clients. There are always dedicated teams on duty, working on important projects without interruption. We invested heavily in FPT Software’s infrastructure to be able do this.

We provide support for dedicated teams who stay at the company in order to complete a project. This is done with care and consideration, so that they can reap long-term rewards. Evidently, after 2-3 month, there have been no problems with the “three-on-site rules” teams (camping in the office).

FPT Software was the proudest company to have opened the largest ever vaccination campaign in history last year. Vietnam. We have started the third injection for the majority of our qualified staff. These efforts ensure that we have “green employees” and keep the company “green”.

We maintain contact with clients both internally and externally globally. FPT Software is flexible in its response and plans to open nearshore production centres for key markets. Our goal is to provide continuous 24/7 service and quality assurance for each project. We also aim to be close to our clients, taking advantage of their cultural and time zones.

The new normal operating procedures still follow information security and allow us to accompany our customers. All offline meetings were moved to an online format. FPT Software also created multi-site processing models in different countries. We organize projects that combine mobilizing resources from many countries in order to meet customers’ needs. VietnamUSAIndiaPhilippinesCosta Rica.

These preparations allowed us to manage 1,700 projects continuously without interruptions or issues. We could also work remotely for long periods of time or develop and deploy the “three on-site regulations” model on a large basis.

FPT Software is not satisfied with these socio-economic outcomes. With the contributions of each member, FPT Software continues to create a happy work environment that offers unlimited opportunities for more than 22,000 employees. The award of “Best Companies to Work For” and “Great Place to Work” certification. Asia2021″- The HR Asia Awards are a testament to the unique, professional, and sustainable values that we cultivate every day.

What did your company do for employees to be happy and productive?

FPT Software invests heavily in modern infrastructure and management systems to ensure productivity. FPT Software offers a mix of working solutions. We adopted and followed the rules for applying internal work tools, tracking progress, and assigning work to groups. Each member worked in their own way, in an online environment. Online events can be easily converted for young employees. Overseas branches offer happy-hour every week. Corporate culture departments and other departments organized music, events, and talk show. Employees shared and spread the word about FPT Software’s internal network infrastructure to enrich their work lives and create companionship.

Recognition and reward activities are carried out in a timely manner via an online platform, an inner super app that can integrate all employee info and integrate other functions to help the life and work for our employees called MyFPT.

FPT Software employees are encouraged to celebrate the company’s successes online, which boosts their morale over time.

FPT Software employs over 3,000 people worldwide. It has been impossible to return to FPT in the past two years. Vietnam. The company made regular visits to the family and sent gifts and updates to parents and families. This helped both employees and their families feel secure.

As the pioneer in digital revolution VietnamHow did FPT Software create a digital workplace for its employees?

FPT Software has made significant progress over the years to a digital work environment. This is in line with our goal of digital transformation. We use operational softwares to cut costs and increase productivity. We also implemented a paperless program, which saved paper and resources. We provided training for nearly 20,000 accounts and 6,000 courses on Udemy with lecturers. Stanford UniversityOur employees. The company offers akaJob, which is an internal platform that supports the distribution, arrangement and cross-recruitment of departments. This allows employees to increase their work efficiency.

FPT software is not an exception to the high Turn-over-rate in IT. What are your thoughts on this? And what countermeasures did you take?

IT is a highly competitive industry that requires creative and dynamic people. It also has a high turnover rate. This is not only true in VietnamBut in every other country.

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We have taken measures to lower this rate in the past 2 years, especially during an outbreak of the pandemic. It has improved significantly, proving that the business is moving in the right direction and meeting the needs of employees.

We placed emphasis on employee-centered programs to ensure welfare, including security, insurance, benefits and bonuses.

Our staff can choose to rotate in order to experience different jobs in different locations and areas, as well as increasing productivity and income with XJob.

What plans do you have to make FPT Software a better company?

As we can’t travel as freely as before the epidemic, each country will have its own operation plan.

FPT Software is a company that aims to create a flexible work system and model. It allows you to work from anywhere, at any time, without being tied to your location, but prioritizes efficiency.

The company also allows employees to work from home or from the office. This gives them flexibility and ensures that they can continue to be productive. This allows us to strengthen our post-pandemic response without affecting the lives or business results of our employees.

2021 ended with an exceptional result thanks to the One Team spirit, which is the solidarity, dedication, and innovative mindset of FPT Software employees on a global level. We are no longer in an unfamiliar situation, with unexpected social distancing and the rushes that follow unexpected turns. Instead, we are prepared in every aspect and ready to face any changes caused by the impact of the. COVID-19 pandemic.

FPT Software saw a 23% increase in revenue with 2021, thanks to teamwork and adapting quickly to the “new normal”. 631 million USDThis is the first time our profit has exceeded the threshold 100 million USD. We expect to keep this momentum going and join the team of “Billion Dollar Company”, in 2023. It will be our 25th anniversary since we founded and developed FPT Software. I am proud of the contributions of all employees at every level within the company..


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