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The Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy (EGLE), Oil, Gas, and Minerals Division, (OGMD) is the sponsor of GeoWebFace. You can view information on non-renewable geological resources activities that are regulated under Part 615, “Oil and Gas Rules and Regulations”, and Part 625, “Mineral Wells”, and Part 631, “Mine Reclamation”, and Part 632, “Nonferrous Metal Mining”, and Part 635, “Coal Mines” and Part 637, “Sand Dune Mining”.

You can also download oil-and-gas datasets such Permit Well Files and Driller’s Logs for selected wells.  The application layer includes both base map features and image backgrounds. With the GeoWebFace application, you can locate oil and gas wells and mining sites, as well as display associated geologic information including Glacial Geology, Structural Geology, Outcrops, Bedrock Geology, Gravity, Magnetics, Shaded Relief, Hillshade, Waterfall Locations, Wetlands Inventory, Town, Range, and Section, State Ownership, State Mineral Leases, Federal Lands, and National Forests.

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