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Germany’s agriculture and environment ministries form a strategic alliance for climate policy

Germany’s agriculture and environment ministries form a strategic alliance for climate policy

The German ministries of agriculture and environment, which have historically pulled in different directions, plan to reform the country’s agricultural policies jointly to include both climate protection and nature conservation. Steffi Lemke, the environment minister, stated that biodiversity loss and the climate crisis are two major threats that must be addressed together at the annual Agriculture Congress. Lemke said that the task ahead is daunting. Cem zdemir, agriculture minister, stated that the two ministries would become friends. He also said that no energy would ever be wasted on petty disputes between departments as was the past. zdemir stated that his department is looking to build on the consensus reached by the Commission for the Future of Agriculture in order to reconcile climate action, nature protection, and better incomes for farmers. He wants to create a new mandatory label for animal welfare in meat products by the end of this year. Germany aims to achieve a 30% organic farming share by 2030.

Lemke, Environment minister AnnouncementA 10-year, 48 million-euro funding program for four pilot peat soil protection projects. Pilot schemes will focus on areas in the most remote moorland areas. These areas will be rewetted, and alternative cultivation methods, such as paludiculture will be tested. Lemke stated that another major focus would be on reforming how funding from the EUs Common Agricultural Policy is distributed. Her ministry would make changes to the national CAP strategic planning as soon as possible. Minister of Agriculture, zdemir, said that it was regrettable the CAP subsidies were rewarding landownership rather than services for climate protection and nature conservation. Farmers were rightly anticipating planning security for the next years. However, in 2024, the targets will need to be evaluated, and conditions modified if necessary. He added that Germany’s CAP strategic plans would be ready for European Commission in February. Both ministers stressed that Germany would strive to end subsidies based in areas under the next reform to the CAP at EU-level.

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