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Golf thrives in COVID environment as countrywide memberships increase by 10 percent

Golf thrives in COVID environment as countrywide memberships increase by 10 percent

In just three months, he has a 15.3 handicap at Maungakiekie Golf Club. He’s not the first to take advantage of COVID safe socially disengaged play.

Newshub’s Zachary Whitting, manager of Maungakiekie Golf Club shop, stated that there are many backgrounds, multiple ethnicities, and cultures.

“Different sport as well. We’ve found many ex-cricketers, hockey players.

Golf clubs reopened after lockdown was lifted to level 3. Membership jumped 23 percent. Many members were younger and more diverse.

It has reached the point where clubs like Maungakiekie actually cap membership.

It’s not just Auckland that is taking notice of the importance of health and wellbeing.

“Generally, across the board there are all sorts of events that have occurred that have all worked out into a perfect storm golf right now,” Dean Murphy, chief executive of Golf NZ, told Newshub.

“As you sit here today [Tuesday]We’ve seen a resurgence in membership numbers, which is over 10 percent more than they were last year.

Golf clubs were once the preserve of an elite. The next generation sees their emphasis on rules, dress codes, as too formal.

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Sanday stated that although I was initially hesitant about joining a golf club, once I did, I felt like a member of a family,” Sanday explained to Newshub.

“They used to ask “what’s your name?” and now it’s “hi Tilden, welcome to the golf club”, and “hi Tilden, what time are you teeing?”

To ensure the future of a game that’s constantly evolving, it is important to keep young talent such as Sanday in the fold.

You can see the entire story here.

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