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Green Celebrities That Work to Protect the Environment: Salma Hayek – SheKnows

Green Celebrities That Work to Protect the Environment: Salma Hayek – SheKnows

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There’s no denying that the environment is crucial. We’ve been seeing headlines upon headlines of the disastrous effects of climate change and treating our Earth poorly. All of it needs to be taken seriously, whether it’s saving the Rainforests and protecting wildlife. We all live in this world so why not take care? This is exactly what celebrities believe.

Bette Midler, a legendary starlet, to Man Crush Mondays like those of us (remember those?). like Brad Pitt, there are a plethora of celebrities “fighting the good fight” as they say. Many have founded their own sustainable, environmentally conscious companies and some have taken on initiatives to fix a certain environmental issue —  we love it all.

While we can all do our part, celebrities have greater visibility and therefore more power to speak out on different issues. Jane Fonda, two-time Oscar-winning actress and activist who has been fighting for social justice her whole life, put it perfectly in a piece for the Guardian. “I don’t mean to cast myself as a hero: the simple calculation is that my age and celebrity secures the kind of national and global press attention that the cause needs.”

Check out these celebrities who are doing ongoing work to preserve the environment.

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