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Greta Thunberg: Its strange Joe Biden is considered to be a climate leader | Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg: Its strange Joe Biden is considered to be a climate leader | Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg criticized Joe Biden’s inaction on the climate crisis.

In InterviewThe Washington Post reports that the 18 year old Swedish environmental activist has rejected the idea of the US president being a leader in climate issues.

It is strange that Joe Biden is viewed as a leader in climate change when you look at what his administration has done, she said. The US is actually expanding its fossil fuel infrastructure.

Why is the US doing this to us? It shouldn’t be on us teenagers and activists who just want to go school to raise awareness and inform people that we are in an emergency.

Thunberg answered a question about what she wanted Biden’s politicians to do: First, we have to understand the emergency.

We are trying find a solution for a crisis that is not clear to us. What are we trying to solve? Is it an emergency or is it an emergency?

Thunberg in November called the Cop26 climate conference in Glasgow a failure. Thunberg claimed it became a PR event in that leaders are not doing much except actively creating loopholes or shaping frameworks in order keep profiting in a destructive system.

Thunberg stated to the Post that a Cop26 Final Agreement, although it is an accomplishment, will not lead to any real change unless it increases the ambitions of leaders.

Cop26 was positive because it revealed that in current circumstances, with current systems, we won’t be able address the climate crisis without massive pressure from outside.

Thunberg stated that global summits such as Cop26 offer a huge opportunity for public mobilization in order to highlight the climate crisis.

Biden made a pledge in Glasgow that the US would set an example and fight global warming beyond 1.5C. He also made new promises to reduce the amount of methane, which is a powerful greenhouse gas, as well as to end deforestation. His words were widely praised.

Despite this, the US was not on the list when more than 40 countries pledged to stop coal mining.

'Cop26 is a failure': Greta Thunberg rallies climate activists in Glasgow  video
Greta Thunberg rallies climate activists at Glasgow video: “Cop26 has failed”

The UN environment program and other researchers recently reported that global oil and gas production is set to increase over the next 20 year at a rate that will double fossil fuel production in 2030, consistent with a 1.5C increase.

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According to the report, the US plans to increase oil and gas production by 17% & 12% respectively by 2030.

The Biden administration ApprovedAt least 3,091 new drilling licenses on public lands at the rate of 223 permits per Month, at a faster pace than the Trump administration.

In November, the US held its largest ever auction of oil-and-gas drilling leases in Gulf of Mexico, offering up more that 80m acres of seabed.

Thunberg stated to the Post that what is holding us back from achieving our goals is a lack of political will.

Our goal is to find a solution to allow us to live our lives. [as it is]She said that today was the day. The uncomfortable truth is, we have done too little. Or, the world leaders have done it too late.

We must fundamentally transform our societies today. It would have been much easier if we had started this 30 years ago. But it’s not the same situation today.

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