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Heidi Harmon, SLO climate activist, has an electric car calamity

Heidi Harmon, SLO climate activist, has an electric car calamity

SLO climate change activist Heidi Harmon's electric car calamity

January 24, 2022

Heidi Harmon


Former San Luis Obispo mayor and climate change activist Heidi Harmon attempted to “do the right thing,” and travel to a rally in San Francisco in an electric car. Harmon discovered that it would take her seven hours to charge the car and she was unable to make it to San Francisco after multiple attempts.

Harmon posted several videos about her difficulties traveling in an all electric vehicle. She suggests calling the police or asking for a helicopter to rescue Harmon.

Many of the posts have now been deleted, though a collage of portions of Harmon’s videos remains:

Harmon was the leader of an effort to pass a SLO city policy that required all-electric new buildings. Mayor Harmon was also a member of the Central Coast Community Energy Board of Directors. This was the same electric energy company that Harmon was advocating.

Harmon announced that Harmon resigned in August from her Mayoral seat to combat climate change. Harmon is now working as a senior public affairs director for the Romero Institute’s Let’s Green CA initiative, a nonprofit affiliated with Central Coast Community Energy.

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On Jan. 13, Harmon was headed to San Francisco to protest against PG&E’s solar penalty fees, but was unable to attend because of issues with vehicle charging infrastructure and the time it takes to charge an electric vehicle.

Harmon posted multiple videos as she tried to charge the electric car that she was driving on the street. Lets Green CA Instagram pageShe shared it to her Instagram page. Harmon also disabled her Instagram account after some videos were deleted.

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