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Here are all the positive stories about the environment from 2022 to date

Here are all the positive stories about the environment from 2022 to date

As green journalists, we often hear these terms used.

There is much to be concerned about when it comes the climate and natural crises. However, when hopelessness becomes the dominant emotion then apathy begins. Last year, three environmental educators were all part of EcoTok, penned This is a great piece for usThis article will discuss how to deal with ecoanxiety and how to remain hopeful (or “stubbornly optimistic”) Christiana Figueres describes it.

The media plays a significant role in combating climate doom. It is our responsibility to be truthful in reporting and not try to downplay or greenwash the reality. It’s also our responsibility to show that there is still hope.

For 2022, this is part of our An ongoing effort to reduce eco-anxietyWe will be keeping track of all positive environmental stories, both from our readers and ours, this year.

This article will be updated regularly with the most recent good news. It could be something small and local or something that made us laugh, or even something huge and potentially life-changing.

If you have a positive and inspiring story to share, please contact us on social media. InstagramOr TwitterPlease share your thoughts.

Positive environmental stories beginning in April 2022

This man won the lottery and is using his €200m winnings to create an environmental charity

This story is a great example of how brilliant people can be.

The winner wrote an anonymous letter explaining why he made the excellent decision.

This piece is a must-read, especially if your world is feeling down.

Meet the sloth cubs, who are ‘learning how to be wild again’ at this orphanage

Did you know that the most endangered mammal on the planet is the sloth?

Many cubs are orphaned in Costa Rica.

This rehabilitation centre does amazing work with these animals and helps the population to survive.

Solar energy can be stored for up 18 years

This article was our top-performing one this month. It seems that our readers can’t get enough information about solar power!

This was some very good news.

Switzerland’s largest city is turning off gas.

It’s always great to see the IPCC report in action.

It’s difficult to feel positive about this news given the tragic events in Ukraine. However, it is a step in a positive direction from a climate perspective.

These chimpanzees were then tested for years, and then left to die on an isolated island.

Let’s get this out of the way. This doesn’t sound positive, and it is – for most of the time.

There is hope at the end of the story, and it’s an area of environmental history that everyone should be more familiar with.

“Night solar panels” can generate enough energy to charge a smartphone. But how do they work exactly?

Specially designed panels can be used to solve the current problems associated with solar energy. They generate power when the sun goes down.

The panels were discovered by scientists at the University of California Davis in 2020.

Created by Professor Jeremy Munday and coined ‘anti-solar cells’, the solution allows us to harvest electricity from the night sky. This year’s research has shown that these nighttime solar panels can produce enough energy to charge a smartphone.

Positive environmental stories starting in March 2022

A US billionaire turned Chile’s Patagonia region to a national treasure

This is an even more remarkable story, as it is also helping to save an endangered species – the Andean huemul.

Only 1,500 deer are left in the wild, and the Cerro Castillo National Park, Patagonia, Chile, is home to many.

Douglas Tompkins (US billionaire, founder of The North Face), has helped to protect this area.

Renewable energy and solar power are finally on track for meeting climate targets

According to a new report, solar and wind power can grow sufficiently to limit global warming up to 1.5C if the average 10-year growth rate of 20% can be maintained until 2030.

Globally, solar generation grew by 23 percent in 2021 while wind supply grew by 14%. Together, the two renewable sources accounted to 10.3% of total global electricity generation. This is a 1 percent increase over 2020.

The fastest growth rates in renewable sources were recorded in Australia, the Netherlands, and Vietnam.

Ember, a thinktank, stated in its report that “if these trends can be replicated worldwide, and sustained, then the power sector would be on target for 1.5 degree goal.”

Sweden’s innovative wooden skyscraper captures as much carbon as 10,000 forests

Sweden is home to the largest amount of forestland in Europe and is currently exploring new ways to incorporate trees into its architecture.

The wooden skyscraper is located in Skelleftea and can store nine million kilograms carbon dioxide over its lifetime.

Could this be 2022’s most innovative green technology?

Italian fisherman sinks illegal boats with “other worldly” underwater sculptures

Paulo Fanciulli is a Maremma fisherman who has been fishing in the wild Maremma coastline for more than 40 year. In the late 1980s, he noticed the signs of illegal fishing and decided that he would take action.

With 39 sculptures of Carrera marble, the ‘House of Fish’ sculpture park was created. They catch on the nets of illegal fishermen and encourage marine life to return to the seas.

After 15 years of living in a train carriage, this tiger family is starting a new chapter.

A family of four tigers was abandoned by the circus and spent years living in cramped train carriages in Argentina. They had never touched the earth or felt grass beneath their feet.

After being found by authorities in 2021 they were relocated by Four Paws International’s team of wildlife experts and veterinarians.

After a 70-hour journey, they arrived at their new home, LIONSROCK Big Cat Sanctuary, South Africa. They will be able to return to their natural habitat for the first time in years.

Panama introduces a new law that gives nature the right to exist

Panama’s groundbreaking new legislation gives nature the “right of existence, persistance and regeneration.” It means that parliament will now have the responsibility to evaluate the impact of its laws on the natural environment.

The country joins Chile, New Zealand and Chile, which all have granted nature legal protection through their constitutions and the courts.

This billionaire wants Australia’s coal plants to be bought up – to close them down

When it comes to climate change, billionaires often have a bad reputation. Mike Cannon-Brookes is the third-richest person in Australia and is working to change that.

He is fed up with the Australian government’s disregard of the climate and wants to buy three coal power plants. The plan is to do the impossible by closing them down permanently and replacing them with renewable energy.

UN signs landmark plastic pollution treaty with UN: ‘Most important environmental deal since Paris’

After they agreed to establish the first global plastic pollution treaty, government officials blew the whistle in what the UN Environment Agency called “the most significant environmental agreement since the Paris accord”.

While the details of this final, legally binding agreement are still being worked on, they could have significant ripple effects on the economies and businesses all over the globe. It is expected to be completed by 2024.

Positive environmental stories starting in February 2022

China opens the first vertical forest city to residents

We love Stefano Boeri, an Italian architect. His latest project in China is another example of biophilic design at its best.

The forest city will absorb about 20 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year, while releasing approximately 10 tonnes.

These buildings are stunning.

Blasting bananas with light could open the door to more eco-friendly biomass

We know it’s a long headline, but we are willing to be patient. It turns out, that renewable energy can be instantly created by zapping banana peels under a powerful lamp.

See Also
Jonathan Hollander, Ph.D.

This is a strange and wonderful discovery, our favourite type at Euronews Green. It can also be done using corn cobs and coffee beans.

Arnold Schwarzenegger aims to ‘teminate polluting’

The actor, who was a Republican politician and environmentalist, pledged to “terminate the pollution.”

Although celebrities are not lacking in support for the green movement, it is encouraging to see support from both sides.

Positive environmental stories beginning in January 2022

Still, bleached coral reefs can provide nutrition

Although coral reefs around the world have been affected by rising sea temperatures that have led to widespread bleaching, it turns out that these ghostly white tropical islands still provide rich sources of micronutrients.

This does not mean that we should stop trying prevent coral bleaching events. However, it does mean there is still hope for those who have already suffered. This is especially good news for coastal communities that depend on reefs to provide food.

The greenest European city offers free public transport and bee-friendly highways

Tallinn is a great example of what we can learn. Because of its innovative and modern approach towards sustainability, Tallinn is set to become the European Green Capital in 2023.

Tallinn was once home to many polluting industries. This is what makes it so impressive. It is a shining example of how it is possible to make positive changes and can be used as a model for other cities across Europe and beyond.

Students have created a floating house to protect people from flooding.

This is a great example how crisis can lead to innovation. Although the original reason for the invention remains troubling, students involved in this project created something truly remarkable.

They are designed to provide shelter for at minimum six weeks.

This tiny Mexican fish was saved by the authorities.

There is something compelling about this. Any story about a species returningFrom the brink. Although it is terrible that things have reached such a critical point, it also shows there is always hope, even if the worst outcome seems impossible.

This case is quite fascinating. The tiny tequila splittingfin disappeared in the wild in 2003, but thanks to the efforts and conservation centres, colonies are thriving again.

An army of drones is the new weapon in the fight against deforestation in Australia.

While the climate crisis receives the most attention, we should pay more attention to the biodiversity crisis. This is why this company’s project that combines AI with drones is so great. It’s a faster and more cost-effective way to fight deforestation.

It doesn’t, however, cause the problems that are often associated with tree-planting schemes. This method is intended to improve the ecosystem’s health, while avoiding monocrops or non-native species.

Virtual or hybrid conferences could be a significant mitigation of climate change

We were shocked to find that (pre-pandemic), the global conference industry emitted as much greenhouse gases as the entire United States. Although it is a very polluting industry, a recent study found that hybrid and online events could be a major benefit to the planet.

According to the 2021 IPCC report, we have 8.3-9.7 years before we exceed the 1.5℃ global warming limit. Researchers believe that moving conferences online could extend this deadline by about 1.5 years.

After a stunning coral reef discovery in Tahiti, oceanographers rejoice

Diving in the waters off of Tahiti’s tropical coastline, marine researchers uncovered one of the largest coral reefs ever found. It appears to be unaffected by human activity, which is a contrast to many of its counterparts.

Even though they make up only 0.1% of the ocean’s floor, coral reefs house 25% of all marine life.

It’s easy to see how this is so great news.

Solar-powered bikers in South Africa are busting illegal wildlife poachers

This incredible story combines two areas that are of great interest to many of us involved in the climate movement: protection of nature and clean energy.

Rosie Frost, our journalist spoke with the amazing Swedish company behind this initiative in order to find out more.

This article will be updated regularly with the most recent positive environmental stories and breakthroughs around the globe. If you have a great idea that we haven’t covered, please let me know. TwitterOr Instagram.

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