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Here are the Top Five Reasons Superfood Hemp Is Great for the Environment

Here are the Top Five Reasons Superfood Hemp Is Great for the Environment

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Hemp is often called the “nature’s purifier”. Hemp is more efficient at removing carbon dioxide than trees, as it produces 1.63 tons of carbon per ton.

Hemp is often called the “nature’s purifier”. 1.63 tonnes of carbon are removed from the atmosphere for every ton of hemp that is produced. This makes hemp more efficient than trees at removing carbon dioxide.

There are many uses of hemp seed, oil and fibre. The North American Industrial Hemp Council estimates that hemp can be used for more than 25000 products, including food, textiles, paper, and even building materials.

Top 5 Environmental Benefits Of Hemp

1.    Uses less water

2.    Prevents soil erosion

3.    Pest resistance

4.    Reduces CO2

5.    Drought tolerance

A hemp crop can be grown in just four months. Hemp roots can grow to nine feet deep. This helps reduce erosion and keeps the soil together. Hemp also produces a lot of biomass, which is a renewable organic material that returns to the soil and decomposes. This enriches the ground where it is grown. The soil is healthier, which means that the crops are healthier.

Since 2019, Planet Based FoodsThe company has been focusing on the transformation of hemp protein into plant-based food. The company is the first to offer hemp-based meat.

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Braelyn, who is also the co-founder and chief executive, stated that he founded Planet Based Foods in order to bring about a new way of thinking in the food industry. Braelyn describes hemp seed as an ingredient that is rich in nutrients, clean, and sustainably sourced.

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