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How OpiPets is Changing the Play-To-Earn Environment

How OpiPets is Changing the Play-To-Earn Environment

We are now only in the second-year of play-to earn prevalence. Although there is still a long way to market maturity for NFTs and blockchain technology and P2E platform platforms, there are still many lessons to be taken from the short time the market has evolved.

Play-to earn environments have shown that it is possible to shift the way we interact with gaming titles, intellectual properties, and media in a consumer-friendly fashion. The value of compensation for time has been enormously valuable. Our hyper-globalized world is especially favorable to concepts such play-to earn.

Play-to-earn has faced some challenges. Beyond the usual security and scalability concerns as blockchains are introduced, accessibility is also a major issue. Many of the biggest names in P2E games face serious difficulties in making their games accessible.

How is OpiPets changing the world?

OpiPetsIt is a very accessible-first approach. OpiPets emphasizes the games’ free-to-play ability, which is crucial considering the rent-seeking and gatekeeping that have infiltrated some of P2E’s most prominent titles. Some titles offer monthly subscriptions while others charge thousands of dollars for entry. Some titles require renting NFTs to play the game.

OpiPets seeks to prevent all this by driving home accessibility as well as the free-to-play nature the game. OpiPets users can create, battle, acquire, trade and trade their OpiPets NFTs. A two-token mechanism will allow for this environment. However, no tokens are required to participate in the game, nor is a crypto wallet connection required.

OpiPets is an open forum where anyone can participate.The TeamIn AMA.It doesn’t matter what you start with, it’s about what you do with that beginning.

Play-To-Earn as We Know It

This two-token system will ensure stability in the OpiPets environment. One token will be used as a governance token and the other as an in-game currency token. The platform’s in-game currency will be the second token. The in-game currency can be used to improve gameplay and can also be earned through the Opis Cloud app.

Our tokenomics, which include in-game trading, staking and user-owned shops, combine macro and microeconomics to create an in-game economy that is self-sufficient and scalable.

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In-game tokens can also be earned by simply playing the game. Users can choose to link their crypto wallet later, whether they wish to withdraw earnings or create a custom NFT, or go to battle. Although play-to earn has a long way ahead, emerging projects such as OpiPets demonstrate that there is still plenty to innovate that puts the game-players in front, while still rewarding early adopters.

As the P2E landscape grows and matures, dont be surprised to see OpiPets and other accessibility-focused platforms shine bright.


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