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How plastics can have a surprising impact on your health

How plastics can have a surprising impact on your health

According to the World Economic Forum by 2050, plastics will outnumber fish in the ocean. Plastics are also affecting the environment.

They can also impact your health.

Although you exercise and eat healthy food, you can’t seem to lose weight. According to Norwegian research, plastic may be to blame for the weight gain.

Susan Castriota said that I was shocked and dismayed at how I had been sucked into the false sense of security that plastics gave me.

Researchers extracted chemicals from 34 everyday products in a study. They identified 629 substances from a total of more than 55,000 chemicals. Eleven of these chemicals are known to cause disruptions in metabolism and promote fat cell growth. Bisphenol A and Phthalates are the most common fat-promoting chemicals. They can also be found in everyday plastics.


What are some alternatives?

Use glassware for leftovers instead of plastic containers, swap plastic straws out for stainless steel, bamboo or even pasta and/or rice straws, and avoid plastic cutlery when ordering takeout.

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You will not only help the environment, but also your health.

In another study, it was discovered that some plastics can leach chemicals from food, causing an endocrine-disrupting reaction. They can disrupt hormones that regulate metabolism and appetite.

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