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How smog is destroying our environment

How smog is destroying our environment

I am writing to you through the columns of your respected newspaper to draw attention to the major environmental problem of air pollution, smog. Lahore, as you all know, is one of the busiest places in Pakistan. The rapidly growing population and deforestation are causing Lahore’s environment and air quality to deteriorate, threatening the public’s health as well as the aesthetics of the city. Smog has been a persistent problem for the past four years. It causes eye irritation, emphysema and asthma, as well as lung infections and cancers. The required air quality index should be less than 100 but nowadays it’s far more than 250, indicating the unhealthy environmental conditions.

To combat smog, I appeal for the government to take the appropriate actions against the factories and industries that are major contributors. Brick kilns must be designed so that the chimneys cannot emit heavy smoke. The waste from industries must also be in compliance to OSHA standards. There should be a strict law to punish the owners of such industries and factories that create more pollution than the permissible limit and if they do not follow the SOP’s then the government bodies must impose a heavy penalty. Another option to improve air quality is foreforestation.



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