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How tech is saving the planet

How tech is saving the planet

With the introduction of artificial intelligence and new technologies that are changing the way we use information and how we live and work, and an endless stream of useful apps available to download to our phones, technology is moving at a rapid pace. It makes our lives easier and helps us live better, greener lives.

The world marks the global Earth DayHere are some examples of how technology is saving the Earth and improving our lives today:

Energy Conservation

Smart technologies can help us not only simplify our lives, but also save the environment. This may surprise some.

Smart home devices save energy by turning off the electricity to equipment that isn’t in use, thanks to artificial intelligence.

Refrigerators can send an email to you if the door is partially opened or if your milk is about to go bad.

These smart systems can also regulate your thermostat or power usage so that you don’t waste energy when you aren’t at home.

Smart bulbs and thermostats may be set to turn on and off at a specific time. Some can also adjust themselves based upon room activity.

It’s a terrific approach to make sure that if someone is working late, they aren’t squandering their time.

Resource Conservation

Your devices can send you an email if they detect a problem with a part or notify you if you have an energy-wasting problem.

It saves you a lot of money on expensive appliance repairs and allows you to fix problems before your large equipment ends-up in a landfill.

Buildings that harness and use natural light will save money while also reducing the amount used to power them.

Waste Reduction

While we haven’t yet achieved the paperless society predicted by early forecasters, screen technology provides a solution to pen and paper for communication and tasks, as well as an alternative to printed resources in the form of ebooks and audiobooks.

Streaming media services are lowering DVD demand and the unnecessary packaging they come with.

Technology is also being used for food waste prevention. The goal is to keep foodstuff out the dumpsters by better tracking it from farm-to-table.

Given a third of the world’s food supplies are being wasted, data collecting technology has the potential to drastically lower this ratio.

Making us Smarter

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Smarter classrooms with smart whiteboards, projects, digital gadgets and more active participation are available to children.

Schools are building or upgrading classrooms that are more efficient and comfortable to learn in.

Increase our Health

These simple phone apps can help users to meditate, encourage exercise, and push them to drink more water.

Smart bulbs in your home can adjust or decrease the blue light at certain times. This can help you sleep better, and can also protect your vision.

Continuous advances in medical technology, like the introduction of artificial intelligence in medicine, are helping to improve diagnostics, treatment options, pinpoint the precision of radiation therapy treatments, and recognize early signs and symptoms of degeneration.

These technologies allow doctors and other healthcare professionals to have more targeted information that allows them to better treat their patients.

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