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How The Irsay family is thinking about the past, present and future of women in football

How The Irsay family is thinking about the past, present and future of women in football

Collectively, the Irsay family thinks a lot about this: How can the Colts support women football by recognizing, empowering, and supporting the diverse perspectives and experiences that these women bring to the team.

The Colts have already hired women such as MacKenzie Scovill, a physical therapist, and Kirsten Gregurich, a dietician, to help them with their football training. But the Irsay family is more than just a checkbox. They are working to provide a place where the talented, important members can thrive.

It’s not enough to just hire women, it’s important to actually support them.

“If we don’t support it it, it’s kind of like going out and planting a bunch of seeds but you don’t prepare,” Colts Vice Chair Carlie Irsay Gordon said. “It’s better to prepare the beds and fertilize it, then plant the seeds. Make sure to water them.

Irsay Gordon recalled that she had to plan her time at the Colts’ facility on the football side. She had to consider how long it would take for her to get to the nearest restroom, which was not very far. Now, that’s all changed. The Colts continue to attract talented, accomplished women into a traditionally male-dominated environment. This organization hopes that it will continue to focus on the details and differences that will drive change forward.

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Irsay-Gordon stated, “That’s kinda the blend when you are female, you’re like I don’t need special treatment, I just want the ability to work in an atmosphere and not asking for more than what women get.” You’re not pretending that we don’t have differences when you take into consideration differences. When you are trying to make sure they are taken into account and say okay, how can we make sure women can work here?

Irsay Gordon added: “Let’s not pretend differences don’t exist.” Let’s say that we think difference is awesome because it adds value to our business.

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