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How will Walden Bello address the climate crisis?

How will Walden Bello address the climate crisis?

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MANILA — Partido Lakas ng Masa vice presidential candidate on Wednesday said holding big corporations accountable will help address the climate crisis.

Bello stated in an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit that he will push for carbon-emitting activities to be avoided if he wins the May 9 elections.

“We will immediately phase out all coal fired power plants. Bello stated that they will also push legislation to make large-scale logging a crime, with severe penalties for those found guilty.

“We will ban all mining and reverse the trend.” [Rodrigo]Recent policies of the Duterte government to end mining bans, and more specifically open-pit mining,” he said. 

Bello stated that these programs will not impact the country’s economic, and added that he will work with other countries to help save the environment.

“This will not impact the economy, as mining contributes less that 1 percent to national GDP.” [gross domestic product]While causing enormous environmental damage. He said that this is a crime against the Filipino people. 

“All administrations have been at the mercy of the mining sector and we will end that. He said that we will increase cooperation with global civil society in order to force big climate polluters (like China and the United States, Indias, the European Union, Russia, etc.) to make ambitious carbon emission reduction commitments.

Bello stressed the need to address climate crisis by addressing big corporations’ consumption and production of commodities. 

“We must also understand that the climate emergency demands a comprehensive and systemic response. We need a fair transition from a traditional economy to a sustainable one–in both production and consumption–and we need the West to be held accountable for this crisis.” he stated. 

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“I have spent much of the past few years raising alarm about this catastrophe to the whole world, especially rampant globalization.”

Other than Bello, the vice presidential candidates include Sen. Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan and Sen. Vicente “Tito” Sotto III.


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