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Hubbard County DFL Caucus focuses environmental issues – Park Rapids Enterprise

Hubbard County DFL Caucus focuses environmental issues – Park Rapids Enterprise

Approximately 25 people participated in a Hubbard County DemocraticFarmerLabor (DFL) Party caucus Tuesday at Park Rapids Area High School.

Residents of Park Rapids, Clay, Clover and Henrietta were invited to attend the meeting. Other Hubbard County towns and cities involved were Nevis, Laporte, and Helga Township.

DFL caucuses also took place at Nevis School and Laporte School.

Carolyn Spangler, chair of the DFL meeting held in Park Rapids, said that Well be making a lot resolutions. They come up with resolutions at each table and then decide which ones they want passed on to the county convention. Then, we narrow down to the state convention.

At the precinct tables, there were several resolutions. These included proposals to preserve the environment and extend the vote to convicted felons.

Participants organize by precincts to discuss resolutions drafted in Hubbard County DFL. Brita Sailer, fourth, reads her proposal for conservation at Straight River Township table.

Robin Fish / Park Rapids Enterprise

Straight River Township’s Brita and Phil Sailer stated that climate change is one reason they got involved in the political process.

Brita stated that the effects of climate change have an impact on every aspect of Minnesotan life. It is therefore crucial that we take immediate steps to reduce our carbon footprint, both here in Minnesota as well as elsewhere.

She continued to read from the resolution she had proposed, encouraging conservation measures as well as initiatives for waste reduction, reuse, and recycling.

When Dan Wilde of Todd Township was asked what political issue interests him, I said it was climate change. It is something that must be addressed or we will all be in great pain, especially in the near future. It won’t affect us as old people. But we are trying to protect the young generation.

Dan Wilde, a Caucus participant, is second from the left at the Todd Township Table and described climate change at this year’s DFL Party caucus at Park Rapids Area High School on February 1, 2022.

Robin Fish / Park Rapids Enterprise

A Lake Emma Township resident said that they were all concerned about the democratic process. He asked to remain anonymous.

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LuAnne White from Hubbard Township said, “I’ve just always been here.” It’s a responsibility we all share, and everyone should be there. It’s especially important this year, as we face challenges to the rule-of-law and the right of the vote. We must get out there and get our heads in gear.

Spangler later reported that 42 people attended DFL caucuses in the county.

She reported that environmental issues were top of the list of resolutions submitted to caucus attendees. Clean water infrastructure, reducing pesticides, restoring, marketing development for recycling, no new fossil-fuel structures, transition to zero-carbon economy, and clean energy jobs are some of the concerns of attendees.

Other resolutions addressed education-related matters school-based prekindergarten, full school meal funding (preK-12), and increased funding for early education, Spangler said. Spangler also spoke out for agriculture-related resolutions, including small independent grocery stores in rural areas, soil-healthy agricultural practices, compensation for farmers who have taken land for buffer strips, and holding large-scale ag companies accountable for any pollution.

Spangler also mentioned civil and Constitution rights, public transport, health and human service, media, internet, information, retirement security, accountability to government and business, and public safety as areas where caucus participants showed a high level of interest.

The Hubbard County DFL Convention will be held at 1 p.m. on Sunday, March 6, at the Laporte School. Registration begins at noon.

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