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Hydro Flask: How it is raising the high-water mark for environmental and social responsibility
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Hydro Flask: How it is raising the high-water mark for environmental and social responsibility

Capt. Travis RosbachSCUBA divermaster, US Merchant Marine boat Captain, commercial pilot, and world traveler, together with his then-girlfriend. Cindy WeberI was fed up with the wasteful and toxic plastic water bottles and the few bulky metal options available at the time. Rosbach wasn’t a fan of tepid waters.

Their startup in the Pacific Northwest was launched in a short time. Hydro FlaskSteel Technologies LLC, formerly known as Thermos, developed a double-wall vacuum-insulated stainless metal container that can replace single-use plastics, such as water bottles and containers.

The couple could not have predicted that their sleek, insulated and color-coated liquid storage equipment would become a craze. It was a result of several cultural trends and economic developments, including anxiety over the climate crisis. A surge in personal wellness products was also evident, as well as the desire of physically active people to keep their hot drinks hot and their cold drinks cold.

Hydro Flask was able to enjoy what other startups can only imagine: early virality thanks to the emergence of a subculture of teens called VSCO Girls. Named after the high-contrast, temperature-distorting photo-editing app, no self-respecting VSCO girl would be caught without her sticker-plastered Hydro Flask, Cap to bottle with a custom strapMore likely to contain Starbucks ice-coffee than water.

With one million sales in 2011, Hydro Flask was growing at a rate that blew away the competition. Hydro Flask was the attention of $2.1 billion by 2016. Helen of Troy, Ltd.designer, developer, worldwide marketer of consumer brand-name beauty, housewares, and health products such as OXO, PUR, Revlon, Revlon, Vicks, Honeywell, PUR, Revlon, Revlon, PUR, Revlon, Revlon, Revlon, Revlon, Revlon, Revlon, Honeywell, PUR, Revlon, Revlon, Revlon, Revlon, Revlon, OXO, OXO, OXO, OXO, OXO, OXO, OXO, Ltd. The seven-year-old company was purchased by the conglomerate for $210 million.

It is no wonder that water bottles enjoyed an extended, huge moment that continues to the present day. According to NPD Group, US water bottle sales soared 42 percent to $318 Million three years after Helen of Troys purchase of the company. Hydro Flask was the market leader, with Hydro Flask at the top of the market. By 2020, stainless beverageware sales dollars would comprise a staggering $131.8 billion. More than half the market. Hydro Flask boasts more than 100 SKUs today and generates an estimated $38.9 Million in annual revenue.

Indigo TeiwesDirector, Corporate Responsibility, Housewares, OXO & Hydro Flask at Helen of Troy, and Lucas AlbergWe First was told by Hydro Flask’s Senior Manager, PR & Brand Communications, that the company’s outdoor roots drive its business philosophy, policies, and that its purpose and profits do not depend on oil or water.

Hot on community engagement

Hydro Flask is an example Lead with WeBecause brand’s purpose and practice seem to shift from a narrow ME focus towards a wider WE focus. This is a way to help the collective live and work together in new ways that restore and preserve the natural and social systems upon which all our futures depend. The company’s We encompasses nature and other species as well as future human occupants of Earth. Teiwes says that we work together with consumers to engage others on a path towards making simple, but meaningful changes in people’s liveschanges that will drive environmental improvements.

What could be more simple and meaningful than water consumption?

Hydro Flasks are measured in inches We The number of people involved in the company’s marketing efforts is increasing. Lucas explains that affiliate marketing relies on brand ambassadorschefs who are skiers, fly-fishers or scientists and musicians and climbers. They also sell the concept through a movement people want to join.

It is through our marketing. Through the channels and the conduits our influencers or ambassadors use, through their social networks and through larger campaigns together with our partners like The World Surf LeagueThis also has a huge reach. It’s all about finding the right people to align with you and getting the message out in a way that makes it heard.

A world in hot water

Hydro Flasks #continuingRefillForGoodTeiwes states that the campaign is the main rallying cry of the organization to encourage consumers to ditch single-use plastics and encourage them to make a difference for the planet. It partners with nonprofits like the Girl Scouts of the USA, which donated $100,000 and more that $265,000 in reusable insulation gear to get. Girls outside during the pandemic. It is also a major shareholder of the Surfrider FoundationIt removes nearly 8,000 pounds of trash each year from the oceans and beaches of the world.

Hydro Flasks leaders assert that such advocacy and action must be done quickly. Teiwes warns that we are running out time.

Consider that the oceans now contain 165 million tonnes of plastic. By 2050, that number will be 165 million. Plastic will outweigh the quantity of sea life. Each minute, the equivalent to a Plastic by the truckloadIt enters the ocean. Single-use plastic containers are the The third most commonly found item in the ocean trash bin. Tests show that billions of people around the world are drinking, despite the obvious damage to marine wildlife. Water contaminated by plastic83 percent of samples were thus polluted by particles.

The VSCO Girls are on to something.

Let’s go!

Hydro Flask is more proud of Hydro Flask than any design award it won, according to its leaders. Parks For AllInitiative is a charitable giving program that the company created to benefit public green spaces, and encourage happier, healthier outdoor living for everyone. It has supported more than 150 non-profits and donated more than $2.5million to date.

Teiwes says the idea is that of wanting to make people happier and healthier. It comes from Teiwes and our founders who believe this. From lunch runs for employees to volunteering days on the trail maintenance days in our local community. Hence: For All.

Teiwes believes that historical context is very important. For people of color, the outdoors has not been a safe environment. It has been a place where people who are not gender-conforming have not felt safe. This historical context is what the outdoor industry is really wrestling with. Historically modernized communities have been excluded not only from the outdoors and all of its recreational benefits but also from the professional groups within the industry.

The majority of outdoor professionals are White men. Teiwes states that they are working to change this and to attract more diverse talent to the organization. But we know there is still much to be done. The industry still has a lot of work ahead of it. Hydro Flask has an immediate opportunity through its giving program and our external communications to ensure that Hydro Flask, as a brand, promotes not only our colorful high-performance water bottles and insulated products but also a brand that stands up for equitable and expanded outdoor access. So, EveryoneThese mental and physical benefits are yours.

Holding water

Hydro Flask is always looking for ways to fulfill its environmental responsibility. Lucas states that Hydro Flask has always been committed to the environment with its reusable products as well as our lifetime warranty which ensures that they create durable products and can be refilled whenever necessary.

The company recently completed a life cycle assessment on its 32-ounce water bottles in an effort to identify areas where it could improve its embedded energy or material impacts. What about the soap and hot water required to wash a reusable bottle? Its significant, Lucas admits. We can’t control it, but consumers can be more responsible with their water and washing habits. WeShare the responsibility, and the potential benefits.

Hydro Flask is looking at its internal operations and at its supply chain partners. Lucas says that the company will be focusing on reducing its environmental impact and driving social benefits. Teiwes shares might not know that single-use plastic bags have been the standard packaging for water bottles from factories to retail. Irony?

Hydro Flask began a long-term internal project to transition to 100% recyclable and plastic-free packaging a little over a year back. Teiwes admits that this was not an easy task. It tried out more than 40 designs and put them through drop- and abrasion tests, as well as other criteria. We have now eliminated the equivalent of more than 10 million single-use plastic bottles in weight since we switched to this new packaging solution. This is something I am proud of. Hydro Flask was the pioneer bottle brand to make this switch, and it hopes to encourage other similar industry changes.

One of the company’s mantras is that Mother Nature is the greatest designer. There is no extra. Every decision is made for a reason. This is the inspiration behind every product that we create. Keep it simple. Simplicity is the best.

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