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ICF forms an environmental partnership with BMS Strategic Consulting
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ICF forms an environmental partnership with BMS Strategic Consulting

ICF enters environmental partnership with BMS Strategic Consulting

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Since almost 15 years, insidethegames.bizhas been a pioneer in reporting fearlessly about what happens in the Olympic Movement. We are the first website to not be behind a paywall and have made information about the International Olympic Committee, Paralympic Games, and Commonwealth Games more accessible than ever for everyone. 

insidethegames.bizThe website has earned a worldwide reputation for its quality reporting and broad coverage. The website is essential for many readers from more 200 countries and territories. Our daily email alert is sent at 6.30am UK time every morning, 365 days a calendar year. It lands in their inbox as an everyday part of their day.

Even during the worst COVID-19 epidemic, insidethegames.bizIt maintained its high standards of reporting on all news from around the world on a daily basis. We were the first to report on the threat to the Olympic Movement from the coronavirus, and have provided unparalleled coverage since. 

As the COVID crisis is over, the world will begin to recover. insidethegames.bizWe would like to invite to you to support our independent journalism and help us continue our journey. Your support would allow us to continue reporting on the Olympic Movement, and the events that influence it, in depth. It would enable us to keep our website open for all. Nearly 25 million people read our website last year. insidethegames.bizWe are the largest source of independent news about what is happening in sport world-wide. 

Any contribution, no matter how small or large, will be a part of our worldwide coverage for the year ahead. Our dedicated and small team was extremely busy last year covering the rearranged Olympic and Paralympic Games at Tokyo. This was a logistical challenge that tested our resources to the limits. 

The rest of 2022 will be no less busy or challenging. We covered the Winter Olympic Games and Paralympic Games at Beijing. A team of four reporters was there. Next up are the Commonwealth Games and Summer World University in Birmingham, as well as the Asian Games and Summer Games in China. There is also the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

Unusual among others insidethegames.bizEverybody can read it, regardless how much they have to spend. We believe sport belongs for everyone and that everyone should have access to information, regardless of their financial situation. While others may try to gain financial benefits from information, we want to share it with as many people possible. The more people who are able to keep up with the latest global events and understand the impact of them, the more sport will be forced into transparency.

Support insidethegames.bizIt takes just a few minutes and can be as low as 10 Please consider supporting us by donating a regular amount each monthly, if you are able. Thank you.

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