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Implementation Science: Advancing Environmental Health Equity

Implementation Science: Advancing Environmental Health Equity

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Monday, February 28 – Tuesday, March 1, 2022

February 28, 2022 • 11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. EST
March 1, 2022 • 11:00 a.m. – 4:45 p.m. EST

Virtual Event

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Environments, including those in the built, social, and physical environments, can have negative effects on individuals’ and communities’ health. These environmental exposures are more detrimental to disadvantaged and under-resourced communities, as well as racial and ethno minority groups. Because of the interconnectedness of the environment and individual-and structural-level social factors that affect health, it is vital to ensure equitable implementation and monitoring of policies, programs, interventions and policies that prevent and mitigate these environmental exposures. Implementation science is the study and application of evidence-based programs and policies in community, public and clinical settings. This workshop will explore how environmental health specialists can use implementation science in order to help develop, adapt, implement and scale up interventions, practices and policies to prevent or mitigate potentially harmful environmental exposures, and ultimately improve environmental health equity.

Workshop Goals

  1. To bring together implementation scientists and environmental health scientists to discuss the current state of their respective disciplines in research on health disparities and how they can use implementation science to improve environmental health equity.
  2. To identify research gaps and research opportunities to promote equitable implementations of evidence-based environmental health interventions in the areas of health disparity and environmental justice.
  3. To identify the resources, training, capacity building, and opportunities for collaboration that support the use implementation science to advance environmental health equity.

Workshop Topics

These are some of the topics covered in workshops:

  • What is Implementation Science and Why Does It Matter for Environmental Health Health?
  • Implementation Science within the Context of Environmental Health Disparities & Environmental Justice Research
  • Evidence-Based Prevention & Interventions
  • Emerging Environmental Health Issues (e.g., climate change, disasters)
  • Multi-Sectoral Partnerships & Community Partnerships

Register Information

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PrivacyAct Statement The primary purpose of the collection of your email address and name is event planning. This information is required to register for the event. It is optional to indicate your field of study. The 42 U.S.C. authorizes the collection of this information. 44 U.S.C. 3101. The Privacy Act System of Records Notice, (SORN), that covers the collection of this information is #09-25-0156 Records of Respondents in Surveys Used To Evaluate Programs of Public Health Service, HHS/PHS/NIH/OD.

Public reporting burden for this collection includes time spent reviewing instructions, searching for data sources, gathering the data required, and reviewing and reviewing the collection. A collection of information cannot be sponsored or conducted by an agency, and no one is required to respond to it unless it has a valid OMB control number. To send comments on this burden estimate or any aspect of the collection of information, at least suggestions for reducing it to: NIH Project Clearance Branch 6705 Rockledge Drive MSC 7974 Bethesda MD 20892-774, ATTN PRA (0925-0740). Do not send the completed form to this address.

Information collected on the registration forms includes: First name, last name, email address, confirm email address, organization and field of study (Environmental Health Science. Implementation Science. Both. If you have any questions, please let us know. OMB#: 09250740 – Expiration Date : July 31, 2022.

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Accommodations Requests under the American Disabilities Act

Devan Smith Brown, 703-765-0060 or 112. For individuals with disabilities who require accommodation to participate in the event, please contact Devan Smith Brown at 703-765 0060. TTY users should call the Federal TTY Relay Service, 800-877-8339. Closed captioning requests must be made at most 5 business days prior to the event.

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Lindsey Martin, 984-287-4036, can be reached for questions regarding the content of the workshop. Devan Smith Brown, 703-765-0160, 112.

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