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Important new book to highlight how empowered individuals are doing what politicians can’t to save the environment » Publications » Washington Policy Center

Important new book to highlight how empowered individuals are doing what politicians can’t to save the environment » Publications » Washington Policy Center

SEATTLE —This week’s Earth Day, politicians will be on the front lines to make new promises for global environmental solutions. Although these political promises will generate media attention and adoration via social media, too often the success or failure of policies is measured in terms more closely to the political image than the actual environmental results. That’s why for those who value environmental solutions over politics, it’s time to think small.  

“Small environmental technologies have kept billions of plastic bottles out of the ocean and helped protect endangered sea turtles,” explained Todd Myers, environmental researcher and author of the new book, It’s time to think small, Available for pre-order Imagine! publishing. “They have already empowered individuals to save tens of billions of kilowatt-hours of electricity and millions of pounds of CO2 and unlike political solutions, technology can’t be undone at the ballot box, allowing sustained effort to promote environmental stewardship.”

InIt’s time to think smallMyers highlights the remarkable work of citizen scientists and farmers concerned about the environment. The book explains how each individual’s actions are creating an environmental revolution that solves problems that have been elusive from political solutions.

“Climate change is typically thought of as something that needs to be solved at the governmental and corporate level, and that’s where the polarization and friction has been,” said Kevin Wilhelm, CEO of Sustainable Business Consulting. “By thinking and acting small, and embracing individual actions using technology, Myers has found a way where everyone can take small, but meaningful actions that add up to a whole lot.”

Examples from the United States and around the world, including Ghana, Ghanaian, and Philippine examples It’s time to think small highlights the remarkable wave of environmental innovation that is allowing individuals and small groups to solve some of the world’s toughest environmental challenges. “Small technology is putting the solutions to major environmental challenges in the palm of your hand,” said Myers. “From climate change to endangered species, small technologies are giving people around the world the tools to collaborate and multiply their efforts to solve environmental problems.”

“In a world where environmentalism is dominated by hopelessness and out-of-reach ideas, Todd Myers’ It’s time to think small is a breath of fresh air,” said Benji Backer, President of the American Conservation Coalition. “This book provides a much-needed analysis about how we can solve complex global environmental problems by applying human ingenuity…and why every step matters along the way. While drastic proposals won’t save our planet, the ideas that were uncovered in this book will. It’s time to think small can.”

It’s time to think smallImagine! will release the book on November 1st. Publishing, an imprint from Charlesbridge.

It’s time to think small author Todd Myers runs Washington Policy Center’s Center for the Environment and has worked in environmental policy for more than two decades. He is a member of the Puget Sound Salmon Recovery Council’s executive board, and previously worked at the Washington State Department of Natural Resources. He also keeps 250,000 honeybees and is a beekeeper. Washington Policy Center, a think tank dedicated to public policy and free market principles, offers market-based solutions to Washington state.   


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