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India speaks out for developing countries on climate change: Environment Minister Bhupendra Jadav in Lok Sabha

India speaks out for developing countries on climate change: Environment Minister Bhupendra Jadav in Lok Sabha

Lok Sabha heard Thursday that India is the voice of developing countries on the issue climate change.

Replying to a discussion Climate change, Environment Minister Bhupendra Yadav said: “Under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership, India is among the few countries that not only set Nationally Determined Contributions in 2015 but achieved them before time, setting an example for others.”

Yadav stated that developed nations are the main contributors to carbon emissions, underlining the fact that the PM has spoken often about climate justice. Must take responsibility.

The developed countries have acknowledged this earlier and also pledged $100 billion to the developing countries, he noted.If the fight against climate change has to be fought by the developed and developing nations together, then developed nations will have to give two facilities to developing nations — climate finance and technology transfer, Yadav asserted.

During the COP26 meet in Glasgow, the Prime Minister talked about various aspects of India’s fight against climate change, including the country’s vision to achieve carbon neutrality by 2070The Environment Minister stated that.

The share of developed countries, which accounts for 17 per cent of the world population, in global carbon emission is 60 per cent, while that of India, which is home to 17 per cent of the world’s population, is just 4 per cent, he added.

India’s lifestyle can teach the world how to live in harmony with the environment, he asserted.

Noting that climate change affects everyone transcending borders, Yadav said the new cyclones hitting India’s coastal areas in the last few years show that we are also vulnerable.

India’s voice is no longer heard on international platforms. He stated that India has a strong identity and the world community cannot ignore it or suppress it under PM Modi.

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Another achievement of COP26 from India’s point of view is that the country has become a strong voice of developing nations demanding equal treatment for themselves on climate change issues, the Minister said.

During the discussion Congress MP Gaurav Gogoi challenged the government about the impact of the PM Gati Shakti scheme, the Centre’s big-ticket infrastructure project, on India’s commitment to cut emissions to Net-zero by 2070.

Gogoi said that while he supported the development of the scheme, it will increase emissions. The national master plan for multimodal connectivity, which involves large-scale construction, is a national masterplan.

PM GatiShakti has been allocated Lakhs Of Rupees for infrastructure for railways and airports. This scheme is India’s greatest challenge, he stated.

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