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India’s role in the climate disaster is negligible, PM Modi

India’s role in the climate disaster is negligible, PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said Tuesday that India’s role is negligible in climate damage. The need to promote a healthy lifestyle for the environment is the priority.

Modi, who was visiting the Danish Indian community, asked each of them to convince at minimum five non-Indian acquaintances to visit India.

“The mindset of throw and use is bad for the planet. It is time to move away from a consumption-oriented approach. The urgent need is to promote “LIFE — Lifestyle for the Environment”. Modi stated that India has played a negligible role in climate destruction. Indians have not been responsible for the planet’s destruction.

Modi stressed that India had “no hand” in the destruction of Mother Earth. He said, “We have taken up the challenge to save her.” We have reached Net Zero by 2070…India has been able achieve its climate action goals because, unlike other countries that place all the responsibility for saving the planet on multilateral organizations, we view it as a citizen’s responsibility to do our bit to save the world. Modi also stated that global climate action is not yet a success. Modi stated that the world appears to be at a standstill, but India has been achieving its goals ahead due to the efforts of every Indian.

He said that Denmark had been with India in White Revolution, and now it is a strong partner for the country’s green future.

Modi stated that there are enormous opportunities for the countries in areas like electric mobility, green hydrogen and waste-to-wealth. He also mentioned science, technology, and innovation.

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