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Inside UEFA| Inside UEFA
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Inside UEFA| Inside UEFA

Strength through Unity is formulated around 11 policies

UEFA announced the launch its innovative Football Sustainability Strategy 2030 Unity is strengthUEFA has made a long-term commitment to this cause.

UEFA’s new strategy, which will run through 2030, aims to incite, activate and accelerate collective action to respect the environment and human rights within the context European football. UEFA can’t act alone. Strength through Unity is a practical strategy to mobilize the European football ecosystem around a shared approach through clearly defined targets, key performance indicators (KPIs), in order to invest into football’s future prosperity.

Close collaboration essential

Aleksander eferin, UEFA President

Strength through Unity is the name of this strategy. This strategy aims to show that complex issues can only get addressed and solved when all football stakeholders work together, agree on a common agenda and use a common language. I believe that football can bring together its power to drive long-lasting positive change if it works together. As UEFA, we must set an example for sustainable change and encourage and mobilize others to do the same.

The strategy was created by linking football and sustainability, in accordance with UEFA’s principles and the demands of global institutions as well as civil society. UEFA recognized that sustainability requires a balance between environmentally-friendly and socially responsible actions and practices in order to maintain the long-term viability and viability of football.

Clear targets

Strength through Unity is formulated around 11 policies

11 policies are the cornerstone of Strength through Unity@UEFA

‘Strength Through Unity’ is a collection of 11 policies that are supported by a 2030 ambition and targets. It will be implemented in five areas: UEFA as an external organisation, UEFA member events, UEFA members and the football ecosystem.

Each policy is explained in detail. Each policy has a clear 2030 goal and plan linking topics, targets, and KPIs. With the understanding that these will change to keep up with the fast-moving environment of sustainability,

Michele Uva, UEFAs director of football and social responsibility

This document is not the final destination, but it is the starting point for operationalizing the strategy. It is a challenging yet exciting task ahead. We will develop guidelines, programs, and other support materials to help member associations, leagues, clubs and clubs develop their own strategies. To amplify football’s positive impact, we need to work together with one another, using the same language and approach to make the most of our collective efforts. We will establish a community of sustainability-focused managers to help their teams. It will be crucial to measure and report on how football uses its powerful platform for sustainability improvement.

Strength through Unity agrees with internationally recognized frameworks and standard, including the UN Sustainable Development Goals and UN Sports for Climate Action Frameworks, the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights as well as the UN Global Compact Principles and Global Reporting Initiative.

UEFAs approach to development is likely to evolve through periodic review and assessment of progress. This could result in consolidating some of these policies. It is important to have a flexible and integrated approach in order to address human rights and environmental concerns and balance all aspects sustainability. 2025 will see a review of the strategy’s effectiveness and architecture.

This journey will be difficult. These challenges can be overcome if the European football ecosystem recognizes the need to act and works together towards a common goal.

Unity can bring strength!

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