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Investigations into the mystery of Edinburgh’s environment smell

Investigations into the mystery of Edinburgh’s environment smell

After reports of an unusual environmental smell in Edinburgh, investigators are investigating.

Two fire engines were sent by the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service to St Andrew Square on Saturday, after reports of a gas leak.

Guests were evacuated by a hotel located on the square while investigations took place.

Scottish Gas Networks, (SGN), arrived on the scene to investigate. They found no gas leakage.

The fire department left the scene shortly after 7.30pm. Guests were allowed to return the hotel once the area had been declared safe.

People took to social media to voice concerns. One person tweeted that Edinburgh smelled like gas and another asked: What’s the strange smell in Edinburgh New Town?”

SGN tweeted: Edinburgh is experiencing a shift in the environmental smell, from EH15 to the centre.

We are experiencing a high volume of calls, so our engineers are checking at different locations.

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The smell in the air is not caused by gas. However, if you have safety concerns, call 0800 111 9999.

SGN earlier in afternoon stated that engineers were on-site in Edinburgh’s EH15 region to address an environmental smell. However, the smell in Edinburgh was not caused or exacerbated by gas.

A spokesperson for SFRS said that SFRS was alerted to reports of gas smells at commercial properties in St Andrew Square and Edinburgh at 4.15pm on Saturday, January 15.

Operation control mobilized two appliances to the scene.

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