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IOC member: Beijing Olympics offers safe environment with well planned measures-Xinhua

IOC member: Beijing Olympics offers safe environment with well planned measures-Xinhua

ISTANBUL (Xinhua), Feb. 18, 2012 — The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics provide a safe and secure environment thanks to well-planned health measures, Ugur Erdener (a member of IOC and president of the National Olympic Committee of Turkey) said.

Erdener is also the head of the IOC Medical and Scientific Commission. He reviews and evaluates health-related issues daily, including COVID-19 and air quality, during the Games in close collaboration with the Beijing Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games.

In a recent interview with Xinhua, he stated that “Every morning in the daily meetings, we make these assessments with both the medical officers of BOCOG as well as the experts from our International Olympic Committee that have been specially designated for this Games.”

The official from the IOC highlighted China’s successful management to prevent COVID-19 spreading in the Olympic Villages in Yanqing and Beijing’s downtown, as well as Zhangjiakou and Hebei province.

Erdener, an Ophthalmologist, stated that “as a medical professional, I can tell you that the area (defined by the closed-loop), in which everyone participates in the Olympic Games is currently the most safest place on the planet”

Erdener spoke out about the village’s health services. All have well-equipped hospitals and outpatient clinics that can treat injuries and other medical issues.

According to him, China has made a major step forward in building environmentally friendly and sustainable facilities that are based on green energy.

Concerning the Big Air Shougang (a facility where big-air competitions are held), he stated that it “reveals beautiful transformation of an industrial area into park, preservation of all facilities there, and at the same moment their rearrangement with an environmental friendly approach. These are the elements that make Beijing 2022 unique.”

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