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Iowa needs to stop producing factory farms; we deserve a clean environment.

Iowa needs to stop producing factory farms; we deserve a clean environment.

No more factory farms in Iowa; we deserve a clean environment
  • Art Staed, a Democrat from Cedar Rapids, is the state rep.

Iowa has the highest concentration of confined hogs in the country, collectively producing the greatest amount of food. More than 72 billion metric tons of manureA year. It can be applied to land, by spraying, or neglected, and ends up in our waterways. This manure can jeopardize ecosystems as well as drinking water. Iowa is also home one of the world’s most successful factory farms. most endangered riversThe Raccoon is a drinking water source for more than half a million Iowans.

I will not allow my state to be sacrificed for the sake of corporations making quick buck. As far as Im concerned, Iowans deserve a clean environment. It’s time that our elected officials forced these multi-billion dollar corporations to clean up the mess they have made of our environment, and rural communities.

Food & Water Watch and I are working together to introduce legislation that would immediately prohibit factory farms. This is the fifth year Iowans have fought for legislation to end corporate ags grip on their state. The 63% of Iowans who support ending factory farm expansionAccording to a Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future poll, these people are becoming more powerful. We are building a movement and this year we have gone further than ever before.

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