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Israeli President confirms Turkey visit, and targets climate crisis cooperation
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Israeli President confirms Turkey visit, and targets climate crisis cooperation

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Isaac Herzog, the Israeli President, has confirmed his trip to Turkey as part of his plan to establish regional cooperation to combat climate change.

Herzog said that she was going to visit her neighbours along the Mediterranean littoral (Greece, Cyprus, and Turkey) in March and meet their leaders. Conference in Jerusalem on Wednesday.

He stated that he was also in “close and warm contact with” the leaders of Egypt, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates and that he plans to “get them all aboard for a regional partnership facing the climate crisis”.

Herzog cited several scientific studies by The UN and Xinhua report that the UN predicts a rise in temperature in the Middle East of 4 degrees Celsius, 10-20% less precipitation and an intensification floods, torrential rainfalls, heatwaves, and rising sea levels if no effective actions are taken.

“This spells a true catastrophe for anyone who doesn’t get it,” the President stated.

“A catastrophe that affects everyone, including those living near the ocean, deserted areas, and victims of heatwaves or floods. It could lead to millions of refugees fleeing their homes in Africa and Middle East. It will have grave consequences for all of you, for everyone who has been blessed to call this beautiful area ‘home’,” Herzog said.

He concluded that “this is a fully-fledged existential risk.”

Although his role as President is largely ceremonial, he has been using diplomacy since he took office in 2021 to improve Israel’s relations. Since Israel’s attack on a Turkish-led aid flotilla towards Israel-blockaded Gaza in 2010, deep tensions have existed between the two countries.

Herzog will meet Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdan during his March trip. In 2021, the two Presidents spoke several times by phone.




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