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Israel’s environment minister seeks regional cooperation on climate change

Israel’s environment minister seeks regional cooperation on climate change

PARIS Tamar Zandberg (Israel Environment Protection Minister) traveled to France March 29, for a three day visit. ministerial meetingIn the OECD on plastic pollution and climate change. The minister played a pivotal role in the organization for the Paris conference and presented Israel’s policies on a variety of environmental topics.

The environment protection ministry published its March 6th report. Annual Work Plan for 2022The following are the main topics: combating the climate crisis; rehabilitation and preservation of natural system, transition to a circular economic system, improving the environmental condition in Arab society, and adapting international standards. Zandberg’s goals align with those of OECD member countries.

The foreign ministry of Israel is also involved in promoting cooperation between OECD countries regarding climate and protection of nature. These efforts have been supported by Ambassador Haim Assaraf (in charge of relations with multilateral organisations) for the past year.

Adam Teva VDin is a leader in environmentalist advocacy and has called for a law that would establish national goals to combat climate change and coordinate the actions of all cabinet ministries. Based on their experience and international examples, the group provided ideas and concepts for a new Israeli climate bill to the ministry. The green group praised Zandberg’s announcement that such a bill would soon be introduced.

This is a significant step forward in Israel’s preparations to face the climate crisis and its consequences, as far as the public is concerned,” said Amit Bracha (executive director of Adam Teva Vin). He stated that his group will also submit “a private bill on climate, which will include advanced CO2 emission-reduction goals such as a reduction of 45% in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and compulsory use of renewable energy. This will put Israel on par with the advanced countries of the world.

Al-Monitor was told by Zandberg that they are currently working hard to create climate-change legislation. We are one of the last OECD member countries to not have such a law. Therefore, we are learning a lot from other OECD member how to approach it. Too many countries rely on fossil energy sources, especially Russian fossil. It is obvious that the best way to reduce this dependence is not to replace an exporting country, but to turn to renewable energies.

Zandberg demanded when she joined government last June that the coalition agreements include adopting a climate bill with goals for reducing carbon dioxide emissions and establishing a government structure to work on it. She said that such a mechanism is necessary because it’s a transversal topic that affects all government ministers. She hopes that the Knesset will approve it within a few more weeks, and then the Knesset before the end of the summer session.

This is not an accident. The minister wants Israel arrive at the COP 27 Climate Summit in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt this November with existing legislation.

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The ministry is currently working on several initiatives to promote regional cooperation with countries such as Egypt, Jordan, and the Gulf. Zandberg stated that countries with similar climates to Israel (desert, heat, dryness) are encouraged to work together. He also discussed how they can collaborate on water solutions and nature-based solutions. “Regional cooperation can be achieved by putting together climate hazards maps to better prepare for floods, bushfires, and other extreme climate phenomena that could impact both human and natural lives.

The Jordanian foreign Minister was not present at this regional Negev summit on March 29, but President Isaac Herzog has met with Defense Minister Benny Gantz in Amman. Zandberg believes that this clearly reflects Israel’s willingness to work with the Hashemite kingdom in many areas, including protecting the environment.

She stated that relations with Jordan have improved tremendously “since the current government was established” in June 2021. All of this is relevant to the preservation and enjoyment of the Jordan River.

Her other goal is to cooperate with the Palestinians. Zandberg stated, “There is now a Palestinian environment minister, and we plan to meet soon.” “We have some joint projects in progress, mainly in waste treatment and border-crossing pollution of rivers. This is how we can coexist. People create borders that limit pollution and climate risk.

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