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January 2022, State of the Environment

January 2022, State of the Environment

Blimey. After months of good rainfall, January was a dry month.
Good forecasts. Ex-TC Cody made promises, then left
AWOL and all that came after was tumbleweed. The Plains
Main ranges had approximately a quarter of the average January
Rainfall and other areas were not well-endowed. Our
Good river flows are willing to surrender and whimper to below
Normal levels. According to my sources, the water take-bans are equal in severity.
time last summer.

Groundwater levels in January
The best I can recall (my memory isnt great), with a
sizeable number above average. Shame on the months of rain
These numbers will likely vanish because of the custard.
Quickly as a plate of namedake squares. Soil moisture levels
Sites are falling, but some sites remain just above.
Median levels for the year.

Although not as lively as last month’s, they were nevertheless respectable. The
Daytime temperatures were higher than average, while overnight temperatures were below average.
Temperatures also crossed the boundary. Swimming was all
Go and enjoy the most popular spots, although ours were not up to the task.
Testing showed that skirt venturing was more effective when it is hot and dry.
In a shallow lagoon

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The State of the Environment Report

What can you find in
Read the full report This month’s stats and info

  • Rainfall
  • Temperatures
  • River
  • Groundwater & Soil
  • Quality of Recreational Water
  • The
    Longer forecast and outlook

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