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Jellyfish Pictures selects Hammerspace as a Global Data Environment for Virtual Production

Jellyfish Pictures selects Hammerspace as a Global Data Environment for Virtual Production

Jellyfish Pictures Selects Hammerspace to Provide Global Data Environment for Virtual Production

Hammerspace with Microsoft Azure, Autodesk ShotGrid Skyrockets Jellyfishs Visionary Leader in Virtual Studios

SAN MATEO. Calif., April 22, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–HammerspaceToday, a pioneer in the Global Data Environment, Jellyfish Pictures announced that Hammerspace has been deployed by Jellyfish Pictures to further the company’s virtual studio strategy, and continue its massive business growth. The Hammerspace Global Data Environment allows content to be used in high-performance local access from artists wherever they are working. It also allows rendering to take place in any cloud region, without causing workflow inefficiencies or multiple copies. The deployment of Hammerspace has allowed Jellyfish to continue taking on new projects without worrying about finding enough local creative talent. It also saves the company on average 20% on cloud rendering projects. By enabling content and leveraging cloud compute regions that are most cost-effective, the company doesn’t have to worry about where the content was created. If large amounts of public cloud resources are required for burst rendering, the Hammerspace approach can save millions annually.

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Jellyfish Pictures’ Global Data Environment. (Graphic: Business Wire).

Jellyfish Pictures, which employs over 300 artists in two U.K. studios, and offers remote work worldwide, is one of the most renowned visual effects (VFX), and animation studios. The Jellyfish team is a world-class production company that has contributed its talent and innovation to blockbuster movies, such as Lucasfilm’s Star Wars series. Solo: A Star Wars Story, The Last Jedi Rogue One. Recent work by the team included the creation of the latest Star Wars movie. The Book of Boba Fett. Other TV credits include HBOs Watchmen, Netflix The Innocents Black Mirror: Hate in the Nation Jellyfish has produced feature films in Animation Spirit: Untamed, How to train your Dragon at Home(DreamWorks Animation), and many top-rated children’s shows, always working under the motto “No boundaries.” Total Security. Certain Delivery

“Hammerspace is a core component of the Jellyfish strategy vision, helping us grow our global workforce in a highly competive industry, increase productivity to meet and exceed clients expectations, and greatly reduce costs on multiple level,” stated Jeremy Smith, chief tech officer at Jellyfish Pictures. “The intelligence of Hammerspace gives us far greater control over our data and adds tangible and quantifiable value to our business.

Innovation can improve operational efficiency

Jellyfish Pictures’ virtual transformation began in 2017. The company then went all-in and made a shift to virtual VFX in late 2019. The pandemic of early 2020 caused a halt to live productions. In response, Jellyfish Pictures made a drastic shift to remote work and increased demand in animation and special effects to keep television and movie releases running. Jellyfish was an early pioneer in virtual work in the industry. These shifts prompted Jellyfish to increase its technology capabilities to efficiently leverage remote talent and accelerate the productivity its new artists around world to meet the spiking demand.

Jellyfish continued to add projects to its workload. As a result, infrastructure and computing resource costs increased. A typical rendering job can use thousands of CPUs and GPUs. Jellyfish needed to be able to use all of their compute power and also have the option to burst render to a more cost-effective cloud area. Hammerspace can quickly be configured in any cloud region. Rendering in Los Angeles or London is, for example, significantly more expensive than those in cloud regions further away from major cities. Jellyfish Pictures and Azure and Hammerspace partnered to transparently orchestrate content for a distributed workforce and allow for cost-effective renders across a range of geographic cloud regions.

“Hammerspace gives you the flexibility to choose the most economically-friendly geographic region for hosting data centers and cloud hosting. Smith cited an example: “It is currently more cost-effective for infrastructure in Montreal than Toronto and Los Angeles.” Recent articleIn IT World CanadaAJ Byers is the CEO of Root Data Center. He stated: “Montreals climate increases the efficiency of cooling platform for the computing system housed in data centers, which generate a significant quantity of heat. Power utilization effectiveness (PUE), a term used in the industry to measure how many kilowatts are required to run a facility and cool it down for each kilowatt per computer. PUE has become a crucial element in data centers over the past few years because it drives the service’s net cost for many large-scale providers.

Remote Data Access, Last

Artists can work remotely with the tools they prefer while still having access to the content available in all locations via Hammerspace Global Data Environment. Hammerspace allows anyone, from any application to any location, to share the same data set and content repository. They can also have high-performance, local access to the content. Hammerspace integrates with Autodesk ShotGrid workflow management tool for Jellyfish Pictures, allowing artists to access the content they need wherever they are, using the workflow tools they are familiar with. Jellyfish can automate and optimize data mobility for millions of files through the powerful integration of Hammerspace and ShotGrid. This allows for massively simplified decentralized workflows.

Jellyfish also used Hammerspaces replication to improve its disaster recovery planning. This ensured that assets were always available for work in the event there was an outage.

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Douglas Fallstrom (senior vice president of Product at Hammerspace), stated that Hammerspace’s key mission is “to help decentralized organizations use data where and when it is needed.” “We make data available to those who need it, and their applications, from desktops to servers and the cloud without the need to create multiple copies of the content. No matter where the content is stored, creative talent can see it and access it wherever they are located.

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About Hammerspace

Hammerspace offers a Global Data Environment that covers both on-prem and public cloud infrastructure. Hammerspace is the only global data environment that connects global users to their data and applications using any existing infrastructure or public cloud services. Its roots are in Linux, NFS and open standards.

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