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Joe Biden shatters the environmental Left

Joe Biden shatters the environmental Left

APresident Joe Biden hasn’t done much right at a time when all energy prices are sky-high because of the Russo­Ukrainian war. This is evident in his polling.

But there is at most one thing he is doing right and he deserves encouragement to keep it going.

The Washington ExaminerLast week, it was reported that Biden had committed $6 billion to the rescue of financially troubled commercial nuclear power plants. This is a good thing. But Biden needs to do more.

The United States must export more liquefied natural gases if it is to produce and export enough to wean Europe from Russia’s supply. While increased production can help achieve part of this goal, it will be much easier to transition if reliable and proven energy sources like nuclear are maintained and expanded. The more natural gas American utilities use, the more producers can ship to European countries, from Spain to Croatia to Belgium to Lithuania.

Biden must embrace nuclear power for another reason. His own carbon reduction agenda is dependent upon it. His administration can only achieve meaningful reductions in carbon emissions if it expands nuclear power. This is in addition to the conversion of coal plants into natural gas. Biden’s plans for reducing carbon emissions would be destroyed if there was any loss of nuclear power.

Jennifer Granholm, Energy Secretary, made a great announcement highlighting the fact that nuclear power is responsible for more than half of our carbon free electricity. Actually, nuclear energy is the only source that produces carbon-free electricity that is both reliable as well as scalable, and this is in addition to hydroelectric power.

Nuclear plants can generate electricity 24/7, unlike solar panels and windmills, which can only produce power intermittently. The nuclear process is carbon-free and produces no emissions. However, windmills and solar panels are heavily carbon-emitted.

Anyone who truly believed in a climate emergency, a climate crisis, or mass extinction would support nuclear power to the fullest extent possible. Strange resistance to nuclear energy Among so many purported environmentalistsThis reveals a deep-seated lack of belief in global warming. Why should anyone believe them about climate if it’s not true for them?

Remember that Biden’s first act in office was to join the Paris Agreement. This was a stupid decision, but it is still a very important and useful decision.

Biden chose the right path, whether it was for U.S. interest or his own ambitions to reduce carbon emissions.

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