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Jordan Diamond, Environmental Law Institute’s New President, Welcomes

Jordan Diamond, Environmental Law Institute’s New President, Welcomes

(Washington, D.C., October 31, 2018) ELI is pleased to announce that Jordan Diamond has been elected president on January 1, 2022. The announcement was made for the first time at ELI’s annual Environmental Achievement Award ceremony, where ELI honored Carol M. Browner for her visionary leadership and outstanding environmental stewardship throughout a distinguished career. Watch Jordan Diamond’s conversation on Carol Browner at the award ceremony.

“ELI has been a source of unassailable insight and leadership in environmental policy and law for over 50 years. Jordan said that the ELI has published, researched and convened many people to safeguard environmental governance in a changing world. “It is hard to describe how honored, humbled and excited it is to be following in Scott Fulton’s footsteps, John Cruden and Leslie Carothers as the next president at ELI.”

Jordan served previously as the Executive director of UC Berkeley’s Center for Law nergy & the Environment. Here she helped grow the team, research portfolio and helped launch initiatives like GrizzlyCorps or the California-China Climate Institute. Jordan was a co-director of the Law of the Sea Institute, UC Berkeley. She was appointed to the position by the former California governor in 2018. Edmund G. Brown Jr. will be serving on the California Ocean Protection Council. Jordan was a Staff Lawyer at ELI before moving to Berkeley. She worked on federal energy, disaster recovery and restoration as well as Arctic policy.

Jordan has worked tirelessly to ensure that environmental governance is based in the best information available, developed through inclusive processes and transparent processes, as well as implemented through accountable and adaptive systems. Jordan holds a JD from UC Berkeley School of Law with a certificate of specialization on environmental law. She was also the managing editor of Ecology Law Quarterly. She also holds a BA in earth and environmental sciences with departmental honors from Wesleyan University. The Sease Prize was presented to her for outstanding work in her field. She has been awarded the ABA Section Of Environment, Energy and Resources Distinguished Environmental Advocates: The Next Generation award and ELI’s Environmental Futures Award.

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“Jordan was chosen after a nationwide selection, but she is no stranger to ELI. Jordan began her career as a law fellow at ELI. She then joined the permanent staff team as a Staff attorney and later became the codirector of ELI’s Ocean Program.” Scott Fulton was the former President Emeritus of ELI. Fulton will continue to work at ELI as International Envoy and President Emeritus. His primary focus is on ELI’s international programming partnerships and partnerships. He added, “Jordan is certain to bring fresh energy and to the Institute. I’m so glad to be passing her the baton.”

ELI has played a significant role in shaping the fields for environmental policy, management, and law, both domestically and internationally, since 1969. ELI strives to achieve its vision of a healthy environment, prosperous economies, vibrant communities, and the rule of law. It fosters innovative, just, practical law and policy solutions that allow leaders across borders and sectors, to make economic, social, and environmental progress.

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