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Judge dismisses F-35 opponent lawsuit | Science & Environment

Judge dismisses F-35 opponent lawsuit | Science & Environment

Spokesperson Steve Klafka stated that Conley’s ruling would “adversely affect thousands of people living near Truax Field,” many of whom are low income and families of color.

Klafka stated that Safe Skies believed that a more thorough assessment of the noise impacts of fighter-jet training was necessary, including one that considered effects on mental and bodily health, as well the education of children in the area.

Future noise concerns could scuttle housing along planned transit corridor

The potential for redevelopment is evident on a stretch of East Washington Avenue that will soon be served by rapid transit. The arrival of F-35 fighter aircrafts in 2023 could make the noise level in the area unhealthful.

A spokesperson for Wisconsin National Guard declined comment, noting that neither state nor 115th Fighter Wing were named in the lawsuit. Wayne Hall, spokesperson for National Guard Bureau, said that it was inappropriate to comment on matters pending in litigation because of the potential for appeal.

J.H. Contractor Findorff & Son Breaking groundCapt. Leslie Westmont is the spokesperson for the 115th Fighter Wing.

The disturbance of approximately 25 acres is expected as a result of the construction projects. These groups fear that PFAS chemicals could be distributed further, which could lead to more cancers, liver disease, and reproductive problems.

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