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Kerry calls for faster action to limit the effects of climate change

Kerry calls for faster action to limit the effects of climate change

Kerry urges faster action to limit consequences of climate change

A top climate advocate has stressed that it is urgent to take action to reduce the worst consequences of climate change. He suggested oil producing countries diversify their economies. John Kerry, the former Secretary of State and Special Presidential Envoy to the United States for Climate, stressed this point during a conversation with Nick Clark, Al Jazeera English’s environment editor, Saturday at the Newsmaker Interview of Doha Forum 2022.
Describing his efforts to raise awareness about the serious implications of climate change at several COP summits and the efforts to get assurance from member states to reduce green house gas emission, Kerry said, “During our COP summit in Glasgow, the issue was at the forefront again. If everyone does as they promised at the Paris COP summit we could reduce the temperature by 1.8 degree by 2050. But the problem is that we are not doing everything we told in the summit.”
He stated that several European countries are moving away from fossil fuels. Many countries have already made significant advances in renewable energy. “The best scientists in the world repeatedly over the 30 years and now more dramatically, have been telling us that we have these numbers of years to make credible decisions and implement them to avoid the worst consequences of climate crisis. Let me emphasis it. This is not to avoid the crisis but to avoid the worst consequences of the crisis and it is avoidable only, if we cut the emissions by 45% between now and 2030,” Kerry said.
He also stated that many of the world’s leading economies have pledged to reduce their emissions and transition to greener energy. “There must be investments in these transitions to stop the loss of trillions of dollars of damage that far exceeds the money that is invested. The government cannot invest such large sums of money on its own. It is essential that the private sector participates fully in the transition. It needs that we have to be more creative,” remarked Kerry.
Climate advocate highlighted the dramatic rise in temperatures in Antarctic and Arctic regions, and the rising global temperatures year after year. This suggests that global temperatures are set to rise year after year, and that rapid action is required to address the challenges. He suggested that countries that depend heavily on oil for their economy should consider diversifying their economies to meet the challenges of the transition. “Diversify, think not only about being an oil and gas company but as an energy company. Many people are doing it. This is possible, and we must accept the reality. This is happening. The only problem is that it isn’t happening fast enough. What is happening is that there will be new methodologies to deal with the problems,” concluded Kerry.

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