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Lana Criticizes WWE’s Creating a Toxic Environment’

Lana Criticizes WWE’s Creating a Toxic Environment’

Lana called out WWE in a recent Instagram posting.

CJ Perry, who was formerly known as Lana in WWE’s WWE, took to Instagram to thank her fans for their wishes and to name some of the people who helped her achieve her goals over the past year.

Lana was among one of WWE’s mass releases last June, and is yet to return to the ring despite being able to since her non-complete clause expired over six months ago.

During the post, Perry commented on how her life has changed since leaving WWE, noting how she had become ‘brain washed’ due to the ‘toxic environment’ within the company.

While not mentioning any names, Perry continued by mentioning how by not having ‘one human’s opinion define your identity, your life will become more than your wildest dreams’.

We are so grateful for all your amazing #Birthday wishes! Click to see my crazy year! The last few days have been so emotionally for me as I look back at everything that has happened this year. From being on a Wrestlemania poster to having a match with @trinity_fatu at @Wrestlemania to filming the most crazy reality show reboot for #viacom_intl #SurrealLife Living in the house of ICONIC LEGENDS!!

@tamarbraxton, thank you for helping to manage my anxiety and mental health! It’s amazing that I have booked 2 movies in the last 6 months! I was filming an action film where I played the role of an Assassin for @paramountplus. It was my birthday! It was a complete 180 from WWE wanting me to wear pink, have blonde locks, and have my ASS kicked! I had the best time with my family and sister this year because I was not on the road with WWE 300 days of the calendar.

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@natbynature@tjwilson711 Thank you for believing that I could do it, even though I had lost all confidence. I was able film and celebrate my birthday with actors I have looked up too for years. I am so grateful. I can’t believe how far life took in a year, and how free I was from the toxic environment where I had worked for 8 years. I let it define my identity and self worth. It can be difficult to change, friends, but if we refuse to let one person’s opinion determine our destiny, if we refuse to be placed in a box or society, if we keep the blinders on and follow our faith, then our lives will be more than our wildest dreams.

Have the courage to chase your BIG dreams. These dreams should be pursued passionately. A strong work ethic is essential. Be willing to learn. Take calculated risks! Be bold. When you make mistakes, take responsibility. It’s okay for mistakes to be made, so long as we learn from them. To all my friends from show business and wrestling, remember that we are playing MAKE BUILDER so have FUN! Be kind. Forgive. Always walk in love

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