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Lana Slams WWE for creating a toxic environment that destroyed her confidence

Lana Slams WWE for creating a toxic environment that destroyed her confidence

CJ Perry (Lana), a WWE toxicomic, discussed how grateful she feels to be free to follow her dreams in a recent Instagram posting.

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CJ Perry (former WWE superstar Lana) used her note as a way to thank fans for their birthday wishes over the past few days. She also used it to express her gratitude and to criticize her former employer. Perry said that her work environment was “toxic”, and that she is happier doing what it’s meant to do. She booked a few movies, and didn’t feel discouraged or downed until she got away.

Perry shared some images that she said encapsulated her last 12 months. She talked about how she went from being on a Wrestlemania poster to filming two movies and being on a reality TV show. Perry spoke about one of her movie roles, saying “On my birthday, I was filming an action film where I play anAssassin.” @paramountplus where I was blowing up cars & kicking strong men’s asses! Talk about a total 180 from WWE wanting me to wear pink and have blonde hair, and having my ASS kicked!


She continued to say she was grateful to have some time off and not have to be on the road 300 days per year. She also thanked a few of her WWE friends (Natalya Wilson, TJ Wilson, and Liv Morgan) who gave her confidence after all of that had been stripped away. He added, “I can’t believe how far life has come in a year & how brain washed I was from the toxic environment that I had worked in for 8 years. It was my identity and self-worth.

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She added: “Change can be hard friends but let me tell you, if you keep pushing forward no matter what, if you refuse to have one human’s opinion define your destiny, if you refuse to be put in a box by a corporation or society & you keep the blinders on and walk by faith then your life will become more than your wildest dreams.”

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