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One of the two tanks burst during the February 2021 cold snap, releasing an estimated 4 million gallons of pesticide-contaminated slurry downstream, prompting emergency action from the state.

Tom Buell is the division administrator for monitoring & remediation. He stated that the relined Emergency Lagoon will ensure that liquids drained from the digesters will be safely contained for winter months. They will also be closely monitored to ensure that they do not exceed capacity.

Buell explained that the solids of the emergency lagoon were added onto the wet cakes pile at the northwest corner, Buell said. There, material from three different wet cake stacks was consolidated.

Over the next few days, work will be done on covering the wet cakes pile with Posi Shell, a mineral mortar.

Similar to stucco made of LSC Environmental Products material NewFields, the pile could be protected until its disposal is complete.

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Posi-Shell can be applied as a spray to cover landfills. It also serves as erosion control and to contain airborne toxic substances after a wildfire.

According to AltEn Facility Response Group’s plan submission, the cover is expected reduce odors from the rotting cakes and minimize contact with stormwater. Stormwater has previously gotten into waterways that run away from the site.

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