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Latinos discuss environment | AL DA News

Latinos discuss environment | AL DA News

The study Sustainable Social MakersNeuronal, a company that provides data intelligence to the Argentine government Urban Grupo de Comunicacin has revealed who the major social actors were in the conversation on sustainability and environment in Latin America for 2021.

Actors, actresses and models, singers, chefs, and athletes such as Pangal Andrade (Chile), Diego Luna(Mexico), Cristina Mittermeier [Mexico], Claudia Bahamon (“Colombia”), Nadia Ferreira (“Paraguay”), Connie Isla (“Argentina”), Gael Garca Bernal” (Mexico), Pedro Astorga “Chile”), Federico Amador (“Argentina”) used social media to bring the issue to their followers.

Celebrities were not the only ones who made the topic popular; 30% of those who spoke most about the environment were activists, who have been working for change and protection of the environment for a while.

One example of these influencers is the Mexican-Chilean climate activists Xiye Bastida@xiyebeara, cofounder of Re-earth initiative, and Nicole Becker @nickibecker, an Argentinean activist in climate justice. She was a participant in the conference by Unicef about the role of youth in fighting for climate justice in Glasgow.

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Sam Benvegnu is the Development Director of Neuronal. He stated that, “from this report as well as several others we have done during 2020-2021, we can see plastic and recycling were at a forefront of conversations about environment prior to the pandemic.” This conversation continues and grows organically, but the leadership moved to the topic of water as a primary resource for humans in the context of Covid (for it’s role in the health problem), its care and protection oceans and seas. Another theme that dominated the conversations after the pandemic was the topic “not wasting food”, which became very relevant following the quarantine. Celebrities and leaders in the gastronomic field shared information and made recommendations for the preservation and good use of food.

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