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Letters to the Editor| Letters to the Editor

I appreciated the State Journal publishing Jan. 22’s letter to the editor, “Develop a plan for solar panel scrap” from a reader. This explained the potential high environmental costs of solar panel removal.

This topic and the negative consequences of “going green”, are rarely discussed or criticised in Madison.

This is just the tip of an iceberg. The battery disposal is the real elephant. Batteries, like solar panels, cannot be recycled and will most likely end in a landfill near you.

These batteries weigh hundreds to thousands of pounds and are required to power your hybrid or electric car. They have a limited shelf life and should be replaced. Usually around 10 yearsUsing an automobile model.

Can you imagine, given the promotion of electric vehicles and solar energy, the environmental impacts of large batteries disposed at end of their useful life?

According to the writer, solar should be part and parcel of a future energy system, but it is urgent that recycling programs be established. I couldn’t agree more, especially with battery disposal.

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There are many benefits to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and using the sun for renewable energy. However, we must be careful about what we wish for when searching for a cleaner environment.

Chuck Friedrichs, Madison

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