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Liverpool’s Airport at the Centre of Environment Debate: Cruise Terminal Joins Airport

Liverpool’s Airport at the Centre of Environment Debate: Cruise Terminal Joins Airport

More than 100 cruise ships are expected to be visiting Liverpool waters this year

Liverpool is at a crossroads.

The city is currently figuring out how to recover its economy, which relies heavily upon a strong visitor and tourist offer, after the pandemic. This will also help it meet its climate change commitments.

Recent weeks have seen a lot of discussion about the future of Liverpool John Lennon Airport, and its potential expansion.

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Last week’s council meeting revealed a growing consensus that the current airport expansion vision is not compatible with the council’s strategy to achieve net zero carbon by 2030.

Anna Key, Green Councillor of Green, presented a motion at Wednesday’s council meeting. “We simply cannot plan to transition to a net-zero carbon economy while also planning for the expansion of the airport. It is not possible.”

The motion, which requested that the council block any airport expansion plans and withhold any funding, failed to pass in its original form. However, the Labour Group agreed to delay any decision while a full report is prepared.

Liverpool’s problems as it attempts to welcome back visitors and boost its economy, while also trying to transition towards net zero has been highlighted by the debate.

This has led to a debate about the future of the city, as a destination for cruise ships.

The council is bullish about this issue. Last week it stated that it anticipates that more than 100 cruises visit Liverpool in 2022, bringing with them approximately 15 million to the city’s economy.

After the pandemic, all worldwide cruises were cancelled for 14 months. 100 cruises returned to Liverpool in the second year, bringing 80,000 passengers.

Despite this, there are still many questions about plans for a new Cruise Liner Terminal.

The council announced the plans to build the new complex in Mersey, Princes Jetty several years ago so that the city can host larger ships.

It would also allow more voyages from the city to start and finish, which would boost the tourism industry.

But that was before pandemic struck and wrecked havoc on the global cruise industry.

More than 100 cruise ships are expected to be visiting Liverpool waters this year
This year, Liverpool will host more than 100 cruise vessels

A council meeting was held in August 2021. It was announced that it would take at least two years for the authority to be able to decide the final design and location for the new cruise liner terminal.

The response was: “Since 2021, there are new opportunities we have never thought would occur with some cruise ship companies. Different conversations would now need to take place with itineraries or ships.”

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Green Councillor Lawrence Brown asked whether the new terminal should ever be built during a question at last week’s council meeting.

He submitted the following in writing: “Would Mayor confirm that the declaration by the council of a Climate Emergency in 2019 as well as the recently published Liverpool Net Zero Carbon 2030 plan were fully considered in the decision to proceed with the development of the Cruise Liner Terminal?”

“Would she also be able to provide current documentation that demonstrates the levels of pollution and other adverse environmental impacts that will occur due to the creation and operation the terminal, as well as any impacts by the liners using it?”

The council wrote back to accuse Councillor Brown of asking the same question twice each year.

It stated that they fully recognize the importance of the Cruise Industry to Liverpool’s visitor economy. However, they are currently reviewing the design and need for a new cruise terminal.

“Regarding the Environmental Impact Assessment: This report was previously shared with Councillor Brown, and there is currently no other version.”

The future of the airport is currently the topic of debate in the city. It seems like the future for the city’s cruise industry will be added to the conversation.

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