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Long-term effects of dry weather patterns on the environment

Long-term effects of dry weather patterns on the environment

RENO (NEV.) – It has been a dry January after two storms in December. Winter season is a time when snowfall and rain are common. However, the weather we are experiencing now could have an impact on the season.

The National Weather Service We started in October with some huge storms, which reached 40% of our annual total. Without strong storm systems insight, water supply can be affected as well as vegetation. The soil can dry out to a certain extent, which can increase the risk of fire during fire season.

Heather Richards, National Weather Service Meteorologist, stated that the National Weather Service hopes to see precipitation in late winter and early spring.

We are hoping to see something close to what was seen in 2011, which was a much wetter season that saw that late-season, wet push. We are now on pace for what was seen in 2011 and 2013. 2013 saw a dry result. We expect to see the storm door open again. Richards stated, “The forecasting right now is hinting towards some smaller systems but not that large AR component.

Reno has a record for the winter of 56 days without rain. This drought is expected to end when winds bring in storms.

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