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Loop Content Manager at Earth Day panel for women & the environment

Loop Content Manager at Earth Day panel for women & the environment

Earth Day 2022 Celebration Climate Conscious PodcastAnd The Breadfruit CollectiveThe inaugural Caribbean Women for Climate Justice Conference will be held April 21-24, 2022. Tonight’s event will be held in honour of Earth Day and will feature a session entitled “Invest in our Women, Invest in Our Planet”. It begins at 5pm Cayman/ Jamaica and can be accessed by signing up at

Climate change has multiple impacts on the lives of Caribbean girls and women. Small Island Developing States are a major threat to the environment and gender inequality. Gender inequality is a continuing concern in the Caribbean. Women and girls are highly vulnerable to gender-based violence, socio-economic injustices, and other forms of gender discrimination. Recognizing the unique disadvantages of women and girls, it is important to invest in their capacity to adapt to and deal with the effects of climate change. Research shows that projects and programs that involve women and girls are more successful, despite being marginalized.

Tonight’s keynote speaker will be Ayesha Constable, the Founder of GirlsCARE, a young women-led, feminist, climate activist movement based in Jamaica. Her keynote will focus on youth empowerment and the intersection of Gender, Environment, and Climate Justice in the Caribbean.

A panel discussion will follow the keynote. The panelists will include Leisa Perch is the CEO and Founder SAEDI Consulting Barbados Inc., Ashlee burnett, the founder of Ashlee Consulting, is one of the top Gender & Environment consulting practices in English-speaking Caribbean. FeminittCaribbean, an Intersectional Caribbean Feminist Non-Governmental Organization based in Trinidad and Tobago, advancing gender justice in the Caribbean. Alexandria Douziech is an artist, educator, and founder of the Center for Plants & CultureBIPOC Educational Platform dedicated to exploring the secrets of plants for society. Andrew Campbell, Founder and CEO of Ebesowana Natural Foods in Guyanese, a Guyanese agroprocessor that upcycles impure fruits, and Auro Fraser who leads Open Society FoundationsFirst ever Caribbean strategy with a focus upon Climate Justice.

Loop Cayman’s Content manager Daphne Ewing – ChowModerator of the session. Ms. Ewing Chow, a Caribbean journalist and award-winning journalist, will be moderating the session. Daphne’s work was featured in Forbes and Loop as well as in The New York Times and The Sunday Times (London), as well as in The New York Times and The Sunday Times (London). Daphne managed communications for two climate-change projects at the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and is currently the Communications Advisor for the World Food Programmes Caribbean Multi-Country Office.

The Caribbean Women for Climate Justice Conference will lead engagement on the intersections of Climate Justice and Gender Justice using a Caribbean-focused lens.

This event is expected to launch a regional alliance with key actors and partners for Climate & Gender Justice. It will establish a solid network for collaboration, influencing public policy, and actions.

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The conference agenda features four (4) panels titled Human Rights and Climate Justice Invest In Our Planet, Invest In Our Women; Climate Resilient Communities and Economies and Plan for a Just Future. The conference will also feature a session for children, screenings of environmental films, a space for networking, and a wellness session.

Panellists come from the Caribbean and diaspora. Each panel will discuss the overarching theme, discuss ongoing work related to climate justice and make recommendations or corrective steps to advance gender-sensitive climate action. Each panel will include representation from Indigenous peoples, women, and youth.

Registering is free for all interested parties and can be accessed through

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