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The first phase of the UP assembly elections, which began with western UP, is just three days away. This puts the man at center of political discourse. Jayant ChaudharyRLD leader, who is running as an ally to the SP chief Akhilesh YadavHowever, he is being actively courted and contacted by the top BJP leadership. Jayant, during a conversation with Sagrika kissu at Jewar in Greater Noida on a campaign trail, stated that this only betrayed BJPs nervousness. The farmers agitation would also have a huge impact on the election. Excerpts
Amit Shah claims you chose the wrong place to ally with Akhilesh Yadav. How should you respond to this?
They (BJP) show signs of nervousness. They seem to be concerned about my well-being, even though they claimed to win 350 seats and replicate their 2017 performance. They have not addressed the issues that I have raised. People have realized the arrogance shown by this government since the farmers agitation. Civil society movements have been crushed. People can’t go to Lucknow to express their discontent anymore. For someone like me, that is not a place where BJP is a rational choice.
What about your alliance? There is no clash of interest there.
Both parties share an ideology affinity. There is a shared history and both parties have the same culture. We are all working together on the ground.
Have your views been taken into consideration, especially in relation to increasing sugarcane prices and farmers incomes?
He has included many of the promises we made in our manifesto. He has made it clear that he will release a manifesto. It will be finalised together and we will decide which common issues should be prioritized. Akhilesh, a young man, thinks alike. He is flexible and open-minded.
Jayant may not be the same force as his grandfather or father. Do you think the community is behind Jayant at this point?
I do hope so. We are getting support from across the communities. Chaudhary Charan Singhs legacy was not only for one caste. His efforts to address the issues he fought for are still relevant. I am being given a chance by the community in this election.
RLD lost its value in the 2017 assembly elections and the 2019 elections. Lok Sabha polls. Which do you think has changed most?
The last election was different. We were supposed to be part of the tie up at the last moment, but we were not. We were not prepared for the changes. Modiji had just introduced demonetization, which was not well-understood by voters. They believed it would end corruption, but it was just propaganda. These decisions were made with a specific purpose. They wanted to influence the UP election. Pulwama changed people’s minds in the 2019 elections.
Some places the SP and RLD cadres are not seeing eye to eye. How can you manage this?
None of these issues have been discovered. It is surprising that people who were requesting their tickets are now seeking out alliance candidates. Mathuras Mant was our meeting place. Yogesh Nauwhar (RLD), stood on the rath and told the crowd that (his candidature) he had made a sacrifice. He asked voters for their respect and to vote for Sanjay Latter (SP).
Do you think that the Jat-MuslimThe 2013 riots caused a rift which has been repaired.
Our alliance does not rely on Jats or Muslims. We are receiving support from all farming communities, as well as those who are aligned with the Ambedkarite movement. We will also be supported by marginalised communities and SCs.
Why SP-RLD failed at forming an alliance with Chandrashehkar Azad?
This is his first election. There are many things to be aware of. We need to take into account ground presence and past results. It was not possible to combine them. He was the one to decide to walk away.
How important do you think the farmers agitation in western UP will play?
Unprecedented is a movement that has survived for 13 months. That has allowed voters to think about issues and their political identity, as well as their position, which I believe has opened up a lot of space. Right now, I believe there is a sentiment that people want to end traditional caste-based politics or alliances and to think about their identity and as farmers.
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