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Ludhiana: Social media will now be used to push for environmental issues to be included in the election manifesto. Punjab Vatavaran Chetna Lehar is a social organisation that includes religious leaders and environmentalists. Activists are planning a special campaign on social media.
The activists tried convincing political parties to include clean water, air, and earth in the election manifesto. However, leaders were not interested. The activists decided to use social media to promote the campaign as Covid cases are increasing steadily.
The main demand of activists are measures to reduce groundwater wastage, pollution in water resources like rivers and seasonal drains to decrease, clean air for humans, solid waste management and increase forest cover.
People will be asked to use social media to post their profile picture and a special logo. This logo will be launched within a few days. A one-minute video will be required with a message to all political parties requesting a clean environment. The activists claimed that political parties promise everything but that people can live without electricity or any other facilities, but not without water or air.
Jaskirat Singh, Naroa Punjab Manch, stated, We had previously planned physical events for all major cities, and three to four seminars had been done already. However, political parties did not respond. We gave our green manifesto to the heads of the parties and to the manifesto committees. We have begun to plan an online campaign after the number of Covid cases began increasing.
Gurpreet Singh Chandbaja, another activist said, “People are very active in Social Media.” We will use Twitter, Facebook and other platforms to reach the masses so they can ask candidates for information about environment security. He stated that people need to work together to achieve this goal.
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